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Case of Using MDMA to Help Assist Victims


To start receiving her treatment, I gave Sophie two MDMA capsules, and then helped her pull out eyeshades and headphones to encourage her to deal with any pictures, associations, or ideas that the drug brings. Since drugs can disrupt or exacerbate, I stay close. Less than an hour later, Sophie announced she was in another room, when her father began beating her. She was smiling on her bed, saying, her father who was an alcoholic suddenly blindfolded her. The beating knocked him to the ground so hard that he lost his bladder and died for a while. She has tried this again and again, but while the images sometimes feel confusing and confusing, on drugs they feel they are safe to look at. She described the strange feelings that came to her. Where a terrifying fear came over him, he was able to discuss the ceremony clearly and in depth.

Not only did she come back and remember the pain, she was able to express the grief of the 7-year-old girl in it, because of the torture she was subjected to. Often judging and despairing, Sophie’s recollection was vivid, full of compassion for herself and for her father. He talked about the fishing trips he had taken as a child, and about how his father had been abused, things he had never said before. After about seven hours of taking the drug, the conversation broke away from the torture and highlighted his life’s journey. This was not a trip between checks; This was an undoubted progress. Reflecting on the episode, Sophie said she was finally able to face each other and remember their fearless torture, digging into it and realizing how much it had changed her. She cried. He forgave his father. Then, most of all, he excused himself.

These experiences seem to have lasting consequences. After receiving third and final treatment, Sophie’s PTSD award went so far as to say no. “The experience in the house doesn’t make me cry anymore,” she told me recently. “I now shed tears of joy over the love that I have experienced over the years.”

Not all MDMA experiences, of course, go the same way as Sophie’s. Some patients have been exposed to a number of risks, whether military, parental, or spouse, so the slightest dose may not be enough. We need to keep in mind the experiences we had while taking the drug and during the use of insanity – increasing self-pity and acceptance necessary for the eradication. Some patients scream when the trigger images come back to them. Others dance or sing while embracing life in a positive way. There is no equal part, and the little that happens inside or outside the office follows everything like what you do crazy. First, the same components are more Duration, eight hours or more for MDMA. Major complications within this study may be placebo-controlled (half of people receive diabetes pills) and the need to suffer from almost all psychiatric medications from the most active participants who may have had them for a decade or two. Some bizarre consequences of this new paradigm come back: When I make a phone call from a fellow psychiatrist asking about treatment and its side effects, I now ask about the best list or how to deal with someone who is in the midst of painful memories.

The only thing I can say for sure about MDMA is that, for the first time in many years, my waiting room is not a round door with facial expressions; it is alive and well. As a young medical student, one of the reasons I was attracted to dementia was my belief that a psychiatrist and a patient could communicate deeply and heal themselves. I worked with patients to recall memories, dreams, and demonstrations that come from their coma, and I appreciate the ability of human communication to change. Then, it seems like at night, psychopharmacology changed a lot. After working to resolve the “medical crisis,” psychiatrists were forced to resign from the profession and act as biochemists. Sometimes I feel like I’m promoting fraud, and prescribing drugs that I don’t usually catch, due to illnesses that I struggle to control.


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