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Can ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood Be Saved?


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An arc lamp, or arc lamp, is a source of light that is generated by electricity moving between two electric motors. The use of arc lamps declined in the 20th century, surrounded by incandescents, but for a long time they were a bright source for filmmakers. Basically this detail is just a fun thing – something fun to talk about at parties. But this week, it’s a reminder that the history of the movie is long, though our memory is limited – and the fact that ArcLight Cinema is closed could bring back memories, even for people who may not know the name of the song.

Bloodshed began on Monday, when Decurion Corporation announced it would not reopen ArcLight Cinemas and the Pacific Theater, which were to be closed. Covid-19 disease. “This was not the result everyone wanted, but despite their best efforts, they eliminated all options,” Decurion said. words, “The company has no way to move forward.” It was very painful, especially considering the exhibition space in California, where the chain holds displays 300, was just beginning to open up. It was also a hit for Los Angeles moviegoers who have spent their entire lives on ArcLight in Hollywood, home to the Cinerama Dome, popular on the Sunset Strip since the 1960s.

As the story spread, reactions quickly followed. Old Guard director Gina Prince-Bythewood he wrote, “This is very painful. The ArcLight was my way to… It was a movie.” Lulu Wang, director of Goodbye, is reminded of his encounter with Quentin Tarantino at the lobby. Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson lamented “this sucks,” right The Light of the Moon helmer Barry Jenkins just sent the most appropriate “FUCK”. Twitter movies were messy.

Once their fears were resolved, many people began searching for answers. Some say a filmmaker – Christopher Nolan or others – could join the fray to save ArcLight. Some, seeing that the so-called Paramount Consent Decree no longer prevents the studio from performing, said Cinerama could be a valuable crown. Amazon, apple, or Netflix. There is only one problem with Netflix getting multiplex: It then bought Grauman’s Egypt Theater, another well-known Los Angeles-based exhibition located about a mile from the home-grown Hollywood company. (Amazon and Apple, meanwhile, would have had the money, but no one has shown as much interest in the site as Netflix does.)

It is possible that a long-distance video maker with deep pockets could come to the rescue of a well-known dome, and everyone wonders who can get rid of it. Many refer to Quentin Tarantino. When he bought the New Beverly Cinema in 2010, he said, “As long as I’m alive, and as long as I’m rich, New Beverly will be there,” so he looked like a young man who could do it. Nolan, a strong defender of major video shows, is also seen as a good bet. But for now, there is no word that any of them are interested. After that, someone started request saying that “we humans (cinephiles) are going to Amazon, Walt Disney Studios, Apple, Netflix, or anyone else to save the Dome.” At the time of writing, about 10,000 people signed.


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