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California Men Discuss ‘Terrorist’ Attacks on Twitter and Facebook, Other Goals

Image of Feds: California Men Discussed & # 39;  Terrorist & # 39;  Attacks on Twitter and Facebook, Other Targets

Figure: JOSH EDELSON / AFP (Getty Images)

Two California men have been convicted of plotting to overthrow the Democratic Party’s headquarters in Sacramento, The Justice Department said Friday. The men also discussed attacks in other parts of the region “allies with Democrats,” including the headquarters of Facebook and Twitter, as well as a large embassy, ​​among other things.

People of California Ian Benjamin Rogers, 45, of Napa and Jarrod Copeland, 37, of Vallejo, were arrested on charges of conspiracy and are currently facing criminal charges. court documents that have not been published recently show.

Rogers was arrested in January after police gave permission to his home and business, then confiscated a firearm, a grenade launcher, bomb equipment and a popular book Anarchist Cookbook ) Copeland was arrested Thursday.

A bomb technician later tested the bombs and found that “is working properly and could cause serious injury or injury if kept inappropriate,” court documents state.

Officials say that after the 2020 presidential election, the two men discussed frequently through secret messages about possible violence. “a coup d’état.”

If what they are saying is true, it is another example of the amount of “changers” The LARPing that the right-wing areas have shown since former President Trump lost his second term as President. See also: the person who wants damage to the internet to upset the government / oligarchy / whatever.

The correspondence between Rogers and Copeland, which the government also does little in court documents, provides information on their intentions. After January 6th riot in Washington DC, Copeland sent Rogers the following messages:

“EXPERIENCES” “EXPERIENCES” “EXPERIENCES” “I’m drinking juice !!!!!” “I have a problem throwing my weapons and driving around and punishing the victims” “Bro I spray water”[apparent reference to a gun]…

In the subsequent exchange, the two seem to be making “change” home:

FACE: Ok bro we need to hit the enemy in the mouth
COPELAND: Yeah then we hit the soros
ROGERS: I think right now we are fighting for democracy
ROGERS: With offices and so on
ROGERS: Molotov’s cocktails are oily
COPELAND We need more people brother
COPELAND You’re going to be tough

“Exploding fires that you consider to be anti-Semitic is illegal and does not promote the strong and powerful conflict that has shaped and undermined our democracy,” said US Attorney Stephanie M. Hinds in a statement. “This is not a coincidence. Investigating and prosecuting people who choose violence in discussions is as important as anything we can do to protect our free organization. ”

One of the lawyers who accused him of claiming that what the government said was a bad thing was just bragging and that the men had no intention of actually following their plans to destroy the house.

“Apparently these were two ideas that were captivated by interest in last January’s theater performances, and made drunken remarks and speeches with no real purpose,” to Jess Raphael told Napa Valley Register on Friday. Raphael is representing Rogers in civil but not state-owned cases, reports say. “There is no evidence that arrangements were made. It was all intoxicating words, ”he said.

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