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Amazon persuades Apple to remove the Fakespot light source from the App Store

Fakespot, an app that monitors Amazon’s search to find out who it is false, not available on iOS. Amazon has managed to convince Apple that remove from the App Store the company complained that the app provides misleading information and creates problems that could be security. The e-commerce giant has confirmed it Engadget that required Fakespot to be investigated. One of its biggest problems, Amazon told us, is that the program that Fakespot relaunched in June “wraps” and enters a number on its page.

“Wrapping” can cause, in theory, the app to collect data and put customer secrets, including credit card numbers, at risk. The e-commerce titan told us that it connected with Fakespot directly to address its security issues and that the developer did nothing.

Amazon said in a statement:

“Amazon works hard to create customer-friendly purchases, as well as sales that empower retailers and retailers to create and grow their business. “Thanks to Apple’s review of the app against its instructions to the Appstore.”

Fakespot founder and CEO Saoud Khalifah admitted CNBC that his company would collect more information about users, but said it would not sell more to others. In addition, it denies Amazon’s claim that the program contains risks. “We do not steal user information, we have never done this. They have shown inconclusive evidence and Apple did this without zero proof,” he told the press. Apparently, Apple did not give its company enough warning before the software was released and did not give them a chance to fix any problems that the technical giant might have.

While Apple has yet to release a statement explaining why Fakespot was removed, Amazon said Engadget two App Store tips, in particular. One of these guidelines states that a program that displays content from third parties must obtain permission from the event. Some even prevent programs from displaying fraud.

Back in early 2020, Amazon tracked down additional stocks used to track pricing and discounts: Dear, earning $ 4 billion for PayPal. Users of Honey saw a warning on an Amazon page that said the addition “sings [their] confidential purchasing systems, take data as [their] import history and material is saved, and they can read or edit any of the [their] data on each page [they] go. “

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