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California Court Rules Amazon May Be Guilty of Individual Sales Misconduct


Illustration of the California Appeals Court case Amazon law may be responsible for the sale of third parties & # 39;  Wrong Tools

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A new chapter took place this week in an Amazon war over the sale of explosive hoverboards. The California Court of Appeal has ruled that the e-commerce giant oversees the security of other people sold on the platform, according to Los Angeles Times.

At the center of the story is Kisha Loomis, a woman who was “badly burned” after using a hoverboard she bought on Amazon in 2015 through a third-party retailer. Several similar incidents led the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to start searching in arms protection, and Amazon later agreed give money for hoverboard customers living in the US or Canada.

Earlier, a California judge agreed with Amazon, which states that it only connects customers and sellers and should not be held responsible for any security that may result from such sales. However, the appellate court ruled this week that Amazon is “directly connected to the distribution of shares in accordance with California’s strict doctrine, and is a strong mediator between retailers and third parties.” You can see the whole decision Pano.

Christopher Dolan, one of Loomis’ lawyers, said the decision was a great victory for consumers in his words. almost.

“Amazon cannot avoid having a problem with the non-existent products they sell to consumers by saying they are not selling, selling and distributing goods and are just ‘advertisers’,” he told this Saturday.

In a statement to the Times, Amazon stated that it “makes the most of the security and reliability of everything offered in our store, including previews and pre-listed items, and continues to monitor our store to identify concerns.” Amazon did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment, but we will change that blog after that. If Amazon appeals, it could be appealed to the Supreme Court of California.

Amazon said history about advertising unsafe drugs from others, often near-unknown sellers on his platform. Many of these things is said to be stored in Amazon archives through its distribution company, Amazon Logistics.

The rules have been in line with Amazon, but the tide has begun to change in recent years. In August, another California court ruled changed a 2019 trial court that ruled Amazon’s case against women he suffered greatly burns after laptop battery he said bought a third seller on Amazon caught fire. The Court of Appeals ruled in 2019 that Amazon could be held liable for the sale of defective items after a customer became blinded one eye and he says an error that can be repaid galu leash. The cases are over explosive hoverboards they have also fallen into a number of other countries.


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