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Bungie is starting to sell his toaster known as Destiny

You can now purchase Future toaster go with your future purchase of Xbox Mini Refrigerator. Yes, we also get another game tool and this raises the zany sound to max. As Bungie points out, toaster actually burns the Tricorn symbol on your cake. Plus, it comes with a free container to store all your Destiny-themed sandwiches.

You can pre-order toaster currently $ 85 from Bungie store and ship between December to January, 2022. Ideally, you will also receive a free Tsoka 2 Burnt Edges logo. Since the toaster is made with charitable events, 10% of your purchase will go to St. Paul’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Back in June, Destiny’s group raised more than $ 800,000 in hospital funding for cancer and other serious illnesses. To help fans, Bungie volunteered to make a toaster if he found a target of $ 777,777.77 (the developer has a seventh item). Because nothing makes a group of hungry players like the promise of leavened bread.

Even the first two pieces are not compatible with the premium wise and toasters that describe steam, is clearly a supportive activity. Players often say “let’s get this bread” in an attempt to steal and also refer to Jötunn’s rifle as a Toaster.

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