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BlackBerry is a new stock meme stock of Reddit

Following the success of the wild is with AMC earlier this year, Reddit researchers have turned to soon . The share price was Thursday afternoon, following a 32% and 15% increase in the last two studies.

The price of the BlackBerry did not really reach a slight squeak back in January, when it reached $ 28.77, but has doubled since the beginning of the year. Sales volume has also increased, from less than 5 million shares on May 24th to more than 346 million on Wednesday.

The program of, when the AMC and GameStop pumps in particular came out, they filled with BlackBerry threads for a minute. One Redeemer their lucrative experience of working on a BlackBerry factory as their source of income. BlackBerry has radically changed the company’s business and operations in recent years, after the power outage of the electric car.

Currently, AMC is on another tour run by Reddit. The share price doubled Wednesday following the announcement of a pay-per-view program that sells low-cost products like special screens and free popcorn. Sales are over from the beginning of the year. It dropped by 30% at one point on Thursday when AMC announced its demand for money, but the price came back after the company 11.5 million shares within a few hours. At the time of writing, it sells for $ 67, up 4% from Wednesday.

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