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Billionaire Invenergy founder who encountered attempts to swindle people

White power company Invenergy on Friday said it had been robbed but that it “did not want to pay a ransom”, after one of the world’s most famous groups threatened to release more embarrassing information about their billionaire boss.

The Chicago-based business company, which is best known for its large solar and solar power plant, said it had “investigated illegal activities on certain information sources” and was complying with all regulations required to disclose information breaches.

Invenergy stated that its activities were not affected by the demonstration, adding: “Restitution did not pay and did not require a ransom”.

The approval came after a Russian-affiliated REvil, among a number of criminal groups, said on its dark page that it had disrupted the company, downloading 4 terabytes of data plus a lot of software and contracts, according to FT’s observations.

It also said it contained many “secrets and secrets” of the company’s CEO Michael Polsky. According to critics, this includes emails from the power leader, confusing photos, and more about divorce from his first wife Maya Polsky. Invenergy has not commented on the matter.

Polsky earned $ 1.5bn in construction of power companies after moving to the US from Soviet Ukraine in 1976 for $ 500, according to Forbes. In 2007, a judge ordered Mrs. Polsky to remain given half of her husband’s income and wealth at the time – about $ 180m – was one of the most expensive marriages in history.

The Invenergy incident comes amid a massive cybercriminal scourge, which also includes ransom, in which hackers seize data and release it when a payment is made, which could hurt the victim’s business, as well as pipeline theft in the US.

REvil victims in recent months have been included Taiwanese apple retailer Quanta and the FBI has also criticized the group for launching the protests last week meat producer JBS.

Recently, redemption teams have begun threatening to re-release data as an additional opportunity to force those who want to pay. Many use the “lost site” on the black internet when they publish threats and then publish the stolen items if the offenses refuse to pay.

Some groups swindle people to move to the only model known as “extortware”, based on a historical threat to success, especially in cryptocurrency.

Invenergy said “no data was stored” by the attackers, suggesting that REvil either did not choose to cover up the company’s misconduct and disrupted its business, or that attempts to conceal it failed.

“Dangerous groups. . . they are using a lot of embarrassing information they have found as an opportunity to advertise to potential employers who can change their minds whether they want to be paid or not, ”said Brett Callow, a cyber security expert at Emsisoft’s cyber security team.

Unfortunately, that’s the way it probably works. Although [if] what they are saying is false, some companies can pay their bills to get rid of the embarrassing stuff. ”

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