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Biden urged forcing US vaccine manufacturers to share expertise


Many scientists and human rights activists who helped persuade Joe Biden to reinstate Covid’s vaccine intellectual property are urging the US President to continue to pressure vaccinators to offer their expertise.

Scientists and human rights activists celebrated last week’s decision by Biden officials to revoke corporate rights to achieve IP security over the Covid vaccine. But he said if managers want to end the epidemic in the next 12 months, they should force or coerce companies to share what they can do with potential rivals in the developed world.

“These reductions were a big part of the process, but the transfer of technology should be followed,” said Zain Rizvi, a researcher at Public Citizen – one of the groups that led the campaign in favor of IP. “The president has to use all his power to support this.”

Asia Russell, director general of Health Gap, one of the world’s leading medical organizations Biden’s consultants asked for their opinion on helping to reduce IP, said: “We do not find this in asking for pharma properly. ”

World Health Organization last year setting up a fund called Covax, in which rich countries pay the poor to pay for vaccinations. But vaccines are not widely available around the world, and many rich countries have made rapid acquisition by paying billions of dollars to contribute to their growth.

Since the first Covid-19 vaccine was approved late last year, production has increased dramatically in rich countries such as the UK and US, but a remnant of the poor. When the US vaccinated 36% of its population, India, which has been hit by a recent epidemic, only 2.8 percent.

Scientists say that the spread of the virus is not only a behavioral problem, but also a public health problem if the virus is allowed to mutate and mutate vaccines in uninfected areas and then spread elsewhere.

Katherine Tai, a U.S. trade representative, announced last week that Biden would redeem the World Trade Organization’s efforts to abolish the human rights to the Covid vaccine, hoping it would allow developing manufacturers to develop their own vaccines.

But many experts say that even if the idea of ​​a WTO disbandment were to get the necessary support for each member, production would not rise sharply. Instead, they require companies to provide guidelines on how to develop their vaccine to companies around the world, even if it reduces costs.

They say it is even more important to do so with mRNA vaccines such as those produced by BioNTech / Pfizer and Moderna, as they can be modified quickly to deal with other upcoming species.

Amy Kapczynski, director of the Global Health Justice Partnership at Yale Law School, said: “We need to get as many vaccines as possible, as soon as possible. Most manufacturers can stand up to mid-term production without any technical modifications. But in order to do this for a short period of time, to transfer expertise is necessary. ”

Biden said last month: “I think we will be able to share the vaccine and identify other countries that need help.”

But since then no trade has been announced between U.S. vaccinators and foreign manufacturers, prompting some to seek further action from the agency.

Another possibility is that the president can use his powers under Korea’s security law law seizing corporate expertise on behalf of the government and sharing it with other countries.

Another is that the government can use its own owners to pressure vaccine manufacturers. Moderna in particular has used patents in his vaccine without permission from the National Institutes of Health, which developed the technology.

Barney Graham, one of the NIH scientists behind patent, adauza Financial Times last month that it gave the government a “chance” on companies to help globally.

Alternatively, regulators have set up an organization that can act as a third-party telecommunications company on behalf of US manufacturers.

The Clinton Foundation is working with HIV drugs, and has helped reduce prices by 100 trips to other parts of the world. The WHO has already established a valid Covid-19 pool for companies to share their IPs, and experts say this could prove to be a global technology developer if needed.

The White House has not commented, although officials say they are looking to increase US presence and export them instead of helping to establish foreign jobs.

Many are concerned, however, that such factors are causing prices to rise sharply and not providing much-needed vaccine speeds in the world before further crisis.

Matthew Kavanagh, an assistant professor of international health at Georgetown University, said: “This has happened before, so there is no reason it can’t happen again. Companies need to tell the government: ‘Here’s our expertise, get our friends to fix it.’ ”


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