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Beware of impending danger

The earth has never seen any ecological phenomenon start as a compulsion to reduce emissions.

The little idea six years ago, has progressed much faster than ever 60 percent of countries now has the goal of zero, as well savers management of about $ 37tn and per at least 20 percent of the two thousand largest companies listed publicly. The International Energy Agency warns today in a zero-level report that all new oil, gas and coal applications should be monitored if the temperature is below 1.5C.

However for many businesses, running to zero is seen as a car crash. The teams are facing the challenges of environmental and economic while the required green technologies are still in the pipeline; Political support for the state is limited and a small group of lawyers who do not fully understand how they are doing are making progress.

Consider what officials from US and European companies have been saying, under the direction of Chatham House, at climate trade meetings in recent weeks.

“Our clients include government officials who have all declared climate change and want to avoid carbon emissions by 2030,” a construction team manager told a conference last month. “Our leaders said,” Well, we have to reduce our gas. ”

But when the company looked into how it could do this, it found that buying clean hydrogenated equipment at one of the smallest plants cost more than $ 2m.

A director from the newly formed manufacturing business said his company was working on a project to replace its residual cleaning and cleaning equipment, hopefully in a few years.

The first furnace must have cost “almost twice” a reasonable price, he said, and his business was fortunate. It is located in Europe, where public funds for greenhouse gas emissions are available. Too many companies are not. To them, and unfortunately for many others, carbon sequestration seems like the simplest solution.

Volunteer programs allow businesses to pay well for air pollution, say, plant carbon dioxide, or build wind farms instead of coal-fired power plants.

These goals have been around for years but education more demonstrations did not lead to more wounds. Not all frustrations are worthless, nor are they substitutes for the shortcomings, a reduction in what would have happened in the last decade to achieve the world’s hottest goals in the Paris climate agreement.

Sadly, interest in errors is rising in line with the target of zero.

“There will be a green rush to get reliable documents out there,” a senior food company official predicts.

This rush has to do with what they want to achieve in the scientific era rather than just promising to do something in the future.

Enter Scientific Objectives nothing, a program launched in 2015 by four established teams to validate and review the company’s goals. This has been especially important for investors trying to figure out how the weather is going. More than 1,420 companies participated in the project, including 90 in March alone, three times last year average monthly.

The program’s focus on past experiences has been clear: companies need to set goals to reduce their emissions, and / or their vendors. Offices cannot be used to deal with this.

His work is important. The goals of many more companies are vague and far-reaching. Some experience green laundry.

It is still surprising, however, that so few NGOs are implementing global economic transformation laws. It would be unfair for companies to be forced to change their types of business before all that might be required to change. Yet they are.

So what should companies do?

First, stop pressuring people to avoid bad weather. The delay helped to resolve the issue. Instead, form a consortium of companies to promote diversification, whether by assisting the government in green production, or by developing low-cost white technologies.

Finally, avoid mistakes and accept the realities of the 21st century: the need for air pollution is urgent and growing in the coming years.

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