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Best French Printer (2021): Bodum, Stanley, Espro


For something different, I tried Espro P7, which, with both filters, made the cup look amazing without the slightest penalty. It is as if the coffee maker of the people is somehow forced to make only French printing presses, or to the camp builders who are far away from Mr. Coffee. This “white cup” is not a bad thing, but it is very different and probably not exactly what French media fans, I have included, want from the pot. Espro dual connecting baskets is another thing to clean, but I think you can get used to it.

For another exporter, I tried BruTrek 32 and 48 and Planetary Plans. Although I was fascinated by the magnetism of the beautiful blue dye, I struggled with the design of this, wanting to love them more than I loved them. The cover gives the BruTrek a little cup, and you have to squeeze the cover before you give up. Also, at the corner of the end is not strong on his feet.

I found its popularity to be an interesting idea: hanging it on a metal plate on top of a filter turns itself into a one-way valve; If the plunger is upset, the brewed coffee will not turn around and become bitter, assuming it allows the coffee to stay in it longer. (The company calls itself Bru-Stop.) However even for me, a grateful immovable cup holder, this was minimal, as the filter pays an amazing fee. This was particularly frustrating because the fines imposed on coffee seem to overlook the functions they explode. The biggest flaw, in my book, is that BruTrek is not a good cleaner. Not a big thing when you camp out, but then a vacation home.

Finally, there was the “Hulk” race, which fought fiercely. The biggest problem was the fur cracking that I found when I put them in the washer. When I remove the laundry from the washing machine, I feel the water running around between the inside and outside walls. The only practical way I used to drain the water was to fill the drawer with hot water, thus warming the air between the walls and causing the water to fall from its base in the lower corner. In addition, the cover was very difficult to board the entire ship, which is not what you want when doing a hot, humid place.

In the meantime, just to say I did, I filled all five machines with boiling water, set the lids on and set the calculator for an hour. They all came out hot enough for steam to come up and I raised the lid. Bodum was as low as 156 degrees Fahrenheit, but cut it short! It was half the size of the competition, and I feel defensive as I describe it. Hulk and Espro came in at 160 and 165 degrees, respectively; Stanley Stay Hot had a temperature of 175 degrees. At 185 degrees, this was the time for the BruTrek light. If you do not put your coffee in a thermos after drinking, and the coffee is too hot for a long time then this is the thing you want most, this could be your best bet.

Photo: Stanley

Straightening Down

After all our experiments at home, I was very happy to realize that even though there were a few nits to pick up with the occasional style change, all the machines seemed to produce the best coffee. So here I am, bringing the best of coffee from Olympia Coffee another remote test.


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