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Beats Fit Pro Review: Apple’s Best Earbuds

This is where Beats leaves his parent company: It opens up a bit of life for people who use a variety of tools or who like to make small changes in their appearance. Beats has the best Android app for single touch touch and customizable controls, and includes the right testing. Unlike other Apple pages, you do not have white patches. You can get Beats Fit Pro in four colors: black, white, gray, and purple.

The Right Choice

Photo: Beats

After a quick connection with Android or iOS, the first thing you will notice when you pull the pages out of your ears is how they block the world. It did not look like an AirPods Pro noise controller, which is why it records world noise clearly.

The long print on the outside of the pages enhances hearing technology, as the microphone does an amazing job of making the outside reach you more visually. It is also good if you want to stop your music and look at the store without removing the ear plug, or if you want to stop to talk to someone during an outdoor exercise.

Enough noise control left an empty space in your head for the powerful Beats drivers to fill with music. From top to bottom, the clear signature is straightforward and complex, with the power of a large (cheerful!) Dog you get great sound for noise-repellent ears, and it has a fun voice like hi-fi. The sound signature was carefully designed to lift the floor, make it clear in the middle, and set it up so that nothing sounded too harsh.

This makes them great headphones for listening in all colors. It wasn’t medical and accurate when listening to classical music or jazz, but it doesn’t overpower the heavy mix of modern hip hop or electronic music. He sounds amazingly good at playing pop music. Write the story of Taylor Swift, and you will be in heaven.

New Beats

Most of us do not live in fenced-in gardens. We use iPad, Apple Watch, and Android phone; we have an iPhone and Android tablet, and so on. What I really like about Fit Pro is that it is designed to work well in all environments.

No matter what phone, tablet, or laptop you are sharing, you get the same 6 hours of battery life and noise reduction, plus 18 more. You’ll also find a fast USB-C call (lack of wireless wires and some of the smaller monitors), instantaneous synchronization on Android and iOS, loud noise detection, and fun sound.

As someone who loves simple things and works well, it is a dream. Microphones work best on phones and Zoom, and the light stops do not automatically detect the release of shoots when I just turn it on or press a button.

After two weeks of living in my life, I have already found a permanent place on my entry table. As someone who tests hundreds of earplugs per year, I have to dedicate myself to these new Beats. In the meantime, make yourself as important as my wallet.

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