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Beating Books: How Richard Browning went to heaven as an Iron Man

In the 21st century we were promised travel cars, but if we had rocket packs, who would we be? Mu Taking the Pull Force, Pilot Richard Browning discusses the size of his unique jet suit, from fun ideas to realistic designs. In the comments below, Browning recalls the 2017 historic aircraft that put its name in the Guinness Book of World Record.

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Pull-to-Draw: Impossible Lighting Tips from Someone Who Learned to Fly written by Richard Browning (£ 20.00) is now available.

In November 2017, Guinness asked me to appear and record history as a major World Record Day event, an annual event showcasing the various wonders of underground deforestation, speed and tenacity. Their goal was to make me a world-class sprinter in a body-operated jet suit ‘. But Guinness also highlights some of the defensive tactics that undermine global history. In 2015, skateboarding dogs played a major role. The following year the big heads were ruled by a jumper bunke jumper who threw himself from the top floor and dipped the cake into a teapot as his string twisted. Since I’m worried about being portrayed as a type of Doc Emmett Brown (a producer from Back Forward), I was not interested at first. After the announcement of Red Bull and Wired I had driven hard to avoid associating with terms like ‘wacky’ and ‘eccentric’.

‘We’re not dead,’ I explained to the Guinness representative. Consider Tony Stark, Elon Musk and the US Navy SEALs. We are not the next dog of skateboarding. I like Guinness Book of World Record, but we must do it honestly and firmly. ‘

I was convinced that the Guinness wanted to show a strong commitment, and that their desire to take the jet at the meeting was very sincere. Apparently he had showcased high-end theaters and producers like Mercedes. In the end, I quit. ‘Oh sod it,’ I said. Let’s do this. Get some water to run smoothly and try to make time. ‘

My worldwide experimentation was in the pants seat; has been the subject of research and development. I did not know the speed of the suit and did not think about how I could resist the suit because doing so on land would be dangerous. When the day came, it suddenly seemed like a big deal. Since I was busy with the construction I was not ready at all and I was not sure if I could do it on time. When I arrived at Lagoona Park’s designated beach, I was surrounded by cameras, drones, and cell phones from various members of the Guinness group.

No coercion, then.

Chap from Guinness Book of World Record he explained the way I should go. The plan was to fly from the shore to the sea and circling the main end at the other end, to the bank where I approached, and back to my starting position very quickly at a distance of 100 meters. the earth though I did not fly fast. This didn’t stop me from getting more interested, though.

I tied the suit and stomped on the water’s edge several times on the trip. The weather was not really good. Cold and cold, it was a popular day in Britain November. And when I woke up on the floor, something starting started. A great storm hit me as soon as I ran, causing me to have a slight turbulent pull. Walking on the surface of the water, I came to a quick turn but I ran the same, the failures of failure which have been greatly shortened. Luckily, my suit had a live suit that was made as soon as I came in contact with water. Not to be outdone, I did not have time to test its reliability. If I had started to disrupt the history of this country, I would have to believe that security equipment is being used under duress.

There was another problem, one that was very dangerous to deal with. On the first test run I rode with more fuel to run depending on speed and not distance. I was careful that the engine might run out, throwing me into the water like a stone. But I’m so heavy my body can’t keep up with the fast time. After oil supplies were reduced for the second time, maintaining a high level of stress became a major problem. As I turned on the burning oil and went down for a second, I found myself climbing, climbing very high, going up to 60 meters, my speed was increasing again.

My brain could read fast. ‘Well, I have two problems here,’ I thought. ‘I’m very high and I have to lose the race to be successful, but I can fix one at a time.’

The second split, I fell and landed, I slowed down, and settled on the shore at the end of the lake with my head spinning. I’ve never climbed on top of that suit before! Fall now can lead to serious injuries. Carefully I pulled out a small shotgun and headed straight for the surface. My adrenalin was expelled; I looked down and down, a curious life of self-control blowing in front of me as I accidentally started to descend and land on the ground in awe. Getting there may take just a few seconds, but it is only about hours.

One of the Guinness team came quickly and told me curiously that I had recorded a speed of 32 mph. I was excited but I felt fast, and I knew I could handle the next challenge – but maybe after I finished a cup of tea.

Twenty minutes after the explosion, this time the suit was redesigned to minimize any unnecessary lifting. I launched it aggressively and shot what looked like a real design, just walking on water. The note was left and I pushed hard sideways to move faster, unaware that I had landed near the lake. Now I was a few feet[1 m]from the water, and my height was declining. Then I felt the discomfort of wet feet.

‘I’m coming in,’ I thought. ‘O bloody hell … I’m entering.

My body and suit are immersed. The engines choked and waited right on the ground. I was hung up in water for a second or so. ‘Well, this is new,’ I thought. ‘How do I get out of this?’

Tied up, a live jacket drove me, pulling me until, in embarrassment, I realized that I was only in four waters and could stand up without the help of an artificial suit, or a ski plane running towards me. I stood on the edge of the water, dripping, holding my big toes by the author of the book, happy to have a world record and at the same time.

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