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“Bad looks”: As online surveillance is gaining momentum around the world


He also argues that many of the companies that sell around the world, especially to NATO allies, are “irregular multipliers” and should be closely monitored by policymakers.

The companies include Israel Cellebrite, which manufactures mobile phone scams and legal equipment, and sells them worldwide to countries including the US, Russia, and China. The company has already faced a major problem because, for example, its work at the moment Damage to China in Hong Kong I find that its expertise is being used by Bangladeshi “death group.

“Once these companies start selling their products to NATO members and enemies,” the report says, “it should raise national security concerns for all customers.”

The business is booming worldwide, according to the report, with 75% of companies selling online and off-line products. Secretary-General Winnona DeSombre, a colleague of Atlantic Council’s Cyber ​​Statecraft Initiative, says such a sale reflects the risks involved.

“There seems to be no desire to control themselves for most of these companies,” he says.

By listing companies as “reckless multipliers,” DeSombre hopes to encourage lawmakers around the world to take control of other companies to make the most of them.

“Once these companies start selling their products to NATO members and enemies, it should raise national security concerns with all customers.”

Governments have recently changed the way governments are governed. The The EU adopted strict rules on technical review last year, with the aim of increasing the visibility of companies. And within the last month, the US has established itself mature new rules for permission to sell access weapons. The well-known Israeli intelligence company NSO Group was one of a number of companies added to the US list for alleging that spyware programs delivered to foreign governments were used to harass government officials, journalists, businesses, freedom fighters, students, and embassy staff. . NSO always denies mistakes and argued that they carefully investigate abuse and deter offending customers.

However, one of the authors of the report says that it is important to note the actual magnitude of what is happening.

“The most important thing about this paper is that we are doing business,” said Johann Ole Willers, a colleague at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) Center for Cyber ​​Security Studies. “That’s important information. It’s not enough to target the NSO Group.”

UN warning

UN experts have recently spoken out for human rights and alarms in reference to what they called “the proliferation of mercenaries activities on the internet.”

“There is no doubt that cybercrime can disrupt wars and in times of peace, so that a wide range of human rights are involved,” said Jelena Aparac, United Nations chairwoman. words. The group called on lawmakers around the world to better regulate the business to protect “the right to life, economic freedom, freedom of speech, privacy, and the right to self-determination.


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