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Babylon will register in New York for $ 4.2bn, sponsored by Palantir

The US giant Palantir has taken a significant stake in the British healthcare company in Babylon, as part of a $ 4.2bn-check to raise awareness in the US.

Babylon, which provides a wide range of medical care to 24m patients through a mobile program, has agreed to merge with Nasdaq, a company that aims to meet the needs of Alkuri Global, and become the latest European company to oppose London’s list.

The treaty gives Babylon a selling price of $ 3.6bn, with an additional $ 575m in total. This includes $ 270m private savings from new investors including Swedbank Robur, Sectoral Asset Management and the anti-accuracy company Palantir, as well as existing ones such as Kinnevik and Alkuri Sponsors.

Founded in 2013 by British-Iranian businessman and former banker Ali Parsa, Babylon developed the GP at Hand program, which allows UK patients to access all their NHS doctors, as their digital monitoring system. The project now has about 90,000 patients in its books, making it the largest “doctor” in England.

Babylon also has agreements with Samsung and China Tencent of China, and he earned money from the Saudi Arabian treasury as part of the $ 550m fundraise in August 2019.

Last year, it was set up in the US, where Parsa has already made more than 80% of its revenue so far. “Last year we made $ 80m in revenue, this year we will make $ 300m in the north. We think we will not be united at ebitda-level in 2023, “he said, despite losing $ 95m in 2019 and 2020.

Palantir, a well-known retailer, well-known for its US security and international security services, received an agreement with the UK NHS last year to work on “Covid” storage, overseeing the distribution of PPE and other medical equipment among UK hospitals. .

“Some of the expertise that Palantir has… No one has brought this up in the field of biology and medical care,” said Parsa. “Their knowledge of data and our knowledge of health can change what we can do. [together]. We wanted to take it. . . on a daily basis the human body is able to create a unique image, by creating digital twins for each of us. ”

The emergence of digital companies reached its peak in 2020, and is said to be on the rise in 2021. In the first quarter of this year, seven medical companies had already registered via US Spacs, according to a CBInsights survey.

However, shares in Alkuri Global, which traded in exchange for its full price, did not change following the announcement of the deal. The current price of Alkuri $ 9.85 is below $ 10 per share where sellers, including plumbing, buy.

The big pops in Spac stocks following what the advertisers are taking are even more so because the oversight and poor performance have led them to save money. With the growth of Spac in the first quarter of 2021, it was unusual to see shares in non-performing companies jump by 80 or 90% based on mere rumors of contracts.

Parsa acknowledged that it was a difficult time in the Spac market and said the company could have seen more results if they had been recorded six months ago.

Babylon is the most recent technical team in the UK writing to the US through the Spac alliance. Following in the footsteps of Arrival, a London-based electric car company that began selling on the Nasdaq in late March merged with CIIG Merger Corp., as well as a British car dealer Cazoo, who is going public in a $ 7bn deal with Ajax I.

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