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AT&T and Discovery are mentioned in Speech Combining Available


Illustration of an article called AT & amp;  T and Discovery are mentioned in the article to combine what you can download on Disney and Netflix

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AT&T and Discovery Inc. they can join forces to improve their chances against rivals such as Netflix and Disney in destructive wars. According to several reports, the two companies are in the process of merging the real Discovery empire with an AT&T catalog of electronic and other media outlets to create new entertainment.

AT&T and Discovery are in talks and a deal could be reached on Monday, sources said Wall Street Journal on the Sabbath. In the meantime, the companies have negotiated several players on the AT&T team of WarnerMedia, including CNN and its TNT and TBS cables. Once the agreement is reached, the shareholders of AT&T play a major role in the organization, according to the release. People familiar with the conversation were informed Bloomberg a deal could be announced this week.

Tipsters who spoke to the whole area did not disclose the possible agreement and warned that the negotiations could be disrupted prior to the deal. AT&T and Discovery declined to comment.

One thing is for sure, they both have enough money to sell a contract. The AT&T lineup includes CNN, HBO, Cartoon Network, TruTV, and Cinemax, among others, as well as the Warner Bros. studio. Currently, Discovery offerings include Food Network, TLC, and HGTV — some of the most popular TV shows the cable offers (and I would say lovely).

AT&T’s existing TV, HBO Max, has continuously received subscribers since its inception in May though out of chaos, but did not see the same size Disney + it did in the first year. Discovery, Discovery +’s innovative project, is new to the site, and they are all facing stiff competition from popular brands such as Netflix. As a result, the connection can give them a border.

On the other hand, AT&T could shoot itself in the foot here. He is already planning to launch a low-cost, HBO Max-sponsored segment in June, Which would prevent existing subscribers from relying on their low cost system. If people can review WarnerMedia’s favorite apps on another search engine like Discovery +, that’s another reason to help them stop paying the full cost of HBO Max. It’s as if AT&T is determined to ruin its business.


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