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Atari VCS is now available for purchase

Three years later , you can purchase Atari VCS. Available from today through , and . Beyond the Atari page, there are two types of comfort available. You can buy a $ 300 Oynx base system or $ 400 Black Walnut in total. The next one comes with fun and games similar to the Xbox. All wireless devices sell for $ 60 separately.

In addition to coming with Atari Vault, 100 free retro games, the contract ends twice as much as a PC. It can run modern desktop machines, including Windows, Linux and ChromeOS, and comes with Google’s . If this type of game is not yours, Atari VCS also has the added and enhanced access to a game-registering game that also includes thousands of return titles from various food platforms.

Among the difficulties such as , looks like they have been sentenced to death. Now the question is whether there is an audience for the $ 400 price I play for fun. Works as assure you that it is difficult to get into areas dominated by giants like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

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