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Asian-American people are pulling each other off – on Instagram


One February afternoon, a 50-year-old Asian woman was standing in line at a bakery in Queens, New York, when a man tossed a box of spoons and then pushed her so hard that she demanded 10 sticks on her head. In the video, the group watches the man attack the woman, doing nothing to hit her and then leave.

“When I saw this, I thought, ‘That could be my mother. That could be my grandmother. That could be someone I knew,’ ‘said Teresa Ting, who lives in Flushing, the area where the attack took place. “

The invasion of Queens was one of the main threats to vulnerable or elderly Asian-Americans caught in virus videos in recent months. The shooting of eight people in Atlanta, six of whom were Asian-Americans, was difficult.

To his surprise, Ting turned to Instagram Stories, a series of videos or photos of the app. He also said that a group of local freedom fighters should meet on Flushing’s Main Street in four groups to deal with disturbances or violence. Within days he convened a group of 100 peace-trained volunteers on the stand, providing solutions to violence, overseeing Main Street in groups for three hours every weekend and overseeing possible cases of hostility.

“I started with an Instagram account and shared my frustrations about how I wanted to give more eyes and ears, and here we are,” Ting says.


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