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Artist Forced For Violence. That’s why He made the video


For many Asians, increased resentment and an increase in hate crimes in 2020, and now through 2021, increased the added stress and dangers in their daily lives. In a well-known article, Nthambeleni Nwananga, a South Korean student at the University of Washington, was arrested in Seattle by a gangster, mocking Chinese people and the coronavirus. After that, he decided to do something he could do on his own to make people aware of the issue.

He decided to make a game of this.

“It was the beginning of the epidemic, in 2020,” says Choi. “I was walking down a street in Seattle. By this time I had just returned from home to visit my family. There, everyone was wearing masks, but here, no one did. I was the only one who was wearing a hat because I had just come from South Korea, which is why I was worried about being around others, if it was possible to receive a coronavirus. I just defend myself, but I don’t expect anyone to judge me or have a problem, or think that wearing a mask makes me look like I’m sick. Suddenly someone started yelling at me, ‘Are you Chinese? You have brought a coronavirus. ‘He punched me in the face. I looked around for help and everyone turned around, as if they didn’t want to see me. I feel like I’m the only Asian in the city, even though Seattle has a lot. I was alone, knowing what he was doing to me. I have never felt this kind of fear in the United States. Since this happened, I am not going to the city alone now. The moment I realize that every time Trump hears the news, he is talking about the Chinese virus. But why did this happen to me? That was my first question. It touched my heart deeply. I wanted to share this sadness and grief, so that others could try to understand my experience.

This is where Choi decided to use his skills in digital art and experimental experiments, his great, to combine his experiences. enter the game. “I am a different artist. I make 3D animation and video games, ”said Choi. “I’ve learned a lot about technology, such as brain-sensing sensors and mechanical devices, that they can use the Internet. Yes, this is where I came up with the idea for the design Plague, using Unity and Maya 3D. ”

Initially, Choi created a 3D avatar of the Covid-19 molecule in which players are forced to play the game, representing racist discrimination against Asians and the virus. In a number of areas, the visible areas – as well as the enemies – are growing and disruptive. Some of these shows feature TV videos that show the player reports of actual hate crimes. In order to give the other players a chance to fall on the enemy, at the beginning of the game Choi offers funny, well-known things that they can fight back.

“The most talked about genocide virus in the world. “Some people are trying to attack,” Choi said. “I did some work for the player, so he could collect toilet paper and hand sanitizers to throw at his attackers. I know this is ridiculous, but remember: toilet paper was like gold in the first place.”


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