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Arrange for Tesla’s Model S event at 11:15 PM ET

After laughing at the fans for the past few years, Tesla will take Model S beyond Funny Way tonight when that it is not easy the fastest type of sedan. The program of Model S Plaid promises owners will have “the fastest car in production today,” with three electric motors that can push the car at a speed of 200 MPH, with the right tires and connected tires.

What we won’t see tonight at Model S Plaid Event and the Plaid + type which is supposed to have other colors, after Elon Musk said it was suspended. According to the exec, Plaid is the best “no reason” of any kind. That said, I am competing in the EV market to continue to multiply with new exciting brands such as Send and Roadster – the car that was should appear “Plaid” EV function – While still growing, Tesla could also use a better halo bag to promote it

If you’ve heard enough, then the Model S Plaid is ready to order on Tesla’s page with a temporary comparison in June. As Autoblog notes, the price has grown by about $ 10,000 in recent days, reaching $ 129,990 or about $ 50,000 more than the standard Model S sedan. For those who want more authenticity or just want to see what the speed of the EV looks like on the go, a Plaid delivery event is in the offing start bathing at 11:15 PM ET tonight.

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