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Apple’s WatchOS 8 adds new thought-provoking systems and workout types

Apple used part of its key WWDC 2021 keynote to reveal changes and new features coming up in watchOS 8. Previous rumors have not told us much about what Apple can reveal other than software updates, including those that focus on health tracking and make Apple Look at me ‘ now rely on the iPhone. At the moment, the Apple Watch is still used by iPhones because many of Apple’s announcements fall into the first category: the watchOS 8 brings a number of new features, including improved connectivity, plus new information taken at bedtime and other exercises.

The existing Breathing app is enhanced in watchOS 8 and adds hand-drawn animations and display options. The following seems to be a new twist on guided meditation, and I urge you to do things like think about something you love to do that interests you. Along with the handwriting, these timings are designed to help you pause and rearrange yourself in a busy time.


Last year, the company launched to follow the sleep of the Apple Watch and watchOS 8 expands on a few initial offerings. Now, if you put on your watch at bedtime, it follows steps such as bedtime, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. This makes the sleep that stays there more effective than before, because the past only follows the time you sleep every night. Many of these new features are included in the Health app, so you can view them at any time.

The Workout app doesn’t significantly improve the WatchOS 8, but Apple is adding new types of workouts and more in the Apple Fitness + subscription function. All Apple Watch users will see new versions of Tai Chi and Pilates exercises in the app this fall, and Fitness + will also get a new workout list led by fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins. Subscribers on Fitness + also have the opportunity to participate in new “visual effects” that follow the list provided to Lady Gaga and other music images.

Apple has announced a number of changes in watchOs 8 that are not in line with health. Central to them is the new face of Portraits, which puts the cups of your friends and relatives at the front-and-center of your Watch and puts the data as from time to time. You can adjust this to some degree, by selecting the images and the type of data you want to display.

Another useful update to come in watchOS 8 will be in the Messaging app on View. You can reply to messages in a number of ways, but Apple is making the Scribble interface more flexible. You can use Digital Crown to move the image in your response, which can make the transition easier. Also, the new App Shelf allows you to do things like add gifts in your message, which would not be possible in response to your Watch.

Apple has not officially stated that watchOS will be available to Apple Watch users, but we hope that sometime this fall.

Growing up ….

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