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Apple’s training tool allows users to create and send apps to the App Store

Apple is WWDC the event was great on iPad 15 story plus the wording that will lead to a change in Swift Playgrounds. For the first time, developers will be able to use their iPad to build and ship iPhone and iPad apps to the App Store.

According to for Apple, the changes show a big leap on its Swift platform, which was released in 2016 as a way for everyone to learn the basics. Obviously, this means that most of what is built using the software will not be too complicated.

For additional apps, Apple has Xcode, a set of tools that can be used in the creation of environmentally friendly programs, from MacOS to WatchOS to TVOS. But, in particular, the change in Swift Playgrounds marks the first time developers have been able to create and send apps from an iPad without the need for a Mac. This move indicates that the platform is changing from an educational tool into a program start program. Although, for experienced developers, there is nothing wrong with Xcode for iPad support.

With the launch of Swift Playgrounds 4 later this year, Apple says users will be able to make use of add-ons for list viewing experiences, search experiences, in-app visuals, multi-color tables and much more.

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