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Apple’s M1 has an unmistakable security flaw that doesn’t have a problem

Apple M1 device is at risk that cannot be repaired without silicon repair, according to developer Hector Martin. The error allows for hidden methods that enable two malicious programs to communicate. However, unless your machine is compromised due to overload or malware in other ways, “hidden methods do not work,” Martin said. wrote in a blog it was first seen by Ars Technica.

The threat is not self-inflicted, according to the developer, since the malware cannot be used to steal or tamper with the data. on Mac. However, it “violates the OS security type,” Martin said. “You don’t have to transfer data from other devices to another. And while it’s safe to do so, you don’t have to write CPU-type scripts from users either.”

Without special tools, it is impossible to know whether apps connect to each other in secret, e.g. Ars Technica notes. Under-radar connections do not mean operation, system memory, holes or files to run. Software can use encrypted methods to communicate even if they have a different user profile or different categories of opportunities.

If the M1 (or another device that allows hidden methods) to be used in iPhones, such connectivity could significantly affect these devices, Martin points out. Keyboard apps on iOS do not have internet access, so they will not be able to send your input. The hacker can traditionally send your printer to another application via stealth, and your inputs can be shared by hackers.

Conversion options can allow programs to pass a file of restrictions on tracking apps in iOS 14.5. However, such as Ars Technica points out, Apple has to accept two bad apps and the user has to install both, then the chances of this happening seem slim.

The only way to prevent hidden clues from running on the M1 machines is to run your machine like a machine, which affects the performance a lot. Given the temporary possibility that encryption methods are harmful to your Mac and tradeoff, choosing to run MacOS in VM may not be necessary. In addition, you will have bigger fish if your machine has at least two malware programs, even if they cannot communicate.

Apple declined to respond to Engadget.

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