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Apple says it also considered health issues

According to Apple’s report, Apple also considered a plan to launch its own health subscription program Wall Street Journal. The idea was made in 2016 but is said to have been put on hold as Apple focused more on health Watch, Apple Health and other things and functions instead.

The idea was first made when Apple tried to figure out how much of the data collected from Watch users could be used to improve health care. According to a WSJ. Apple not only provides basic care but subscription programs based on your preferences.

Apple is said to have taken over a hospital near Apple Park and hired Dr. Sumbul Desai University to oversee the project. It tested the project to start with its own staff, forming a team that includes doctors, engineers and manufacturers.

One of these needs to be a HealthHabit program that connects staff with healthcare professionals through discussions and encourages them to set health goals. However, the program is said to have suffered from a handful of people who wrote and also questioned its reliability on risk management systems. At the 2019 meeting, the manager expressed concern about Desai, which prompted the manager to leave a few weeks later, according to the report.

However, Apple spokesman said Drs. Desai spoke on the importance of data integrity at the same conference. “The matter has been thoroughly investigated and its allegations cannot be ascertained,” the prophet told a WSJ. “Much of what has been said in this report is based on inaccurate, old and misleading information.” The spokesperson added that Apple is proud of Desai’s work and that it has been an important part of their medical care.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says health is one of the biggest things Apple can offer to the public. The initial idea of ​​health is low but he says he is still in the company.

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