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Apple claims to be making the iPad Pro free of charge

Apple may release the file iPad Pro and releasing wireless sometime tomorrow. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the tech giant is working on a new Pro Pro for the iPad and iPad mini. Apple would have switched to an aluminum Pro tablet tablet with glass on the back similar to the latest iPhones, perhaps to pay for wireless charging. If you remember, the company went from glass to aluminum and back to glass again on its phone – it last changed when it launched the iPhone 8.

In the meantime, Apple is planning to offer smaller bezels for the iPad mini and remove the home button. The small tablet is likely to be available later this year, which could be the first renovation in six years. Gurman did not elaborate on the mini, but said Apple is testing the MagSafe Pro system. In addition, the company is said to be considering the addition of a wireless advertising program to the Pro program, which can help you use its power to charge other devices. Apple has been known to work professionally for many years, and the issue has been raised on both the iPhone 11 and its IPhone 12.

Aside from the new Pro and mini, Gurman said the company is also developing a smaller iPad for student access that can be sold this year. He added that Apple has not given up on the production of wireless tires. The senior analyst announced AirPower, which could launch the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPod instantly, back in 2017. However, it eventually terminated the project almost a few years later, as it failed to address the key issues with electricity. Finally, the company says it is looking at alternative wireless search methods that can help bring back longer distances than you can quickly connect.

Before you start planning to buy pills, be aware that nothing has been set in stone yet. According to Gurman’s report, the size of the tablets is still in its infancy, and Apple’s chance to change its plans to eliminate them completely.

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