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Anthony Mackie’s LGBTQ Controversy Lack of Facts

Sebastian Stan and Bucky Barnes Anthony Mackie and Sam Wilson share a relaxing time together at Marvel's The Falcon with the Winter Soldier.

Two guys, become friends, chat and throw away skins.
Figure: Fun Studios

Falcon is a Winter Soldier perhaps rearview mirror of Marvel and Disney as the company he turns his eyes to Loki, but the discussion around the show came back to the forefront last night with new questions and Captain America himself, Anthony Mackie. But Mackie’s answers to the direct questions look at his frustration in the wrong way.

As part of Variety Reward Region podcast list, Mackie described his ride to the Captain America’s outfit in Falcon is a Winter SoldierIn the end, however, he was also asked about the show of the existing relationship between Sam Wilson and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, and why the show did not present the relationship between the two as just a joke.

“A lot of twisted things are included. There are a lot of things that people like to use with their tools to make themselves useful and imaginative, “said Mackie when asked to play their role as a boyfriend, rather than just a love affair.” “Men who used to be boys can be friends, we can hang out, and it was great. You always meet your friends at the bar, you know. . ”

“One of the reasons why it’s so important to me is to show a masculine appearance. There is nothing more masculine than being a hero and this flying and beating people,” continued Mackie. “But there is nothing more painful than having a passionate conversation and interacting with someone you love and love.”

The comments were aired on TV as the commercials distorted Mackie’s response into a series of tweets. In doing so, many of Mackie’s comments about his reluctance to discuss creative topics such as shipping and his comments about the use of ordinary people in the company, were presented on their own, prompting commentators to decide what Mackie’s response to the dunk was.

Audiences who are looking for a more youthful stand on Marvel’s television and television shows have no right to be offended by Mackie’s response, based on the lack of a studio including high-quality LGBTQIA characters over a decade from now. And, even if read aloud, Mackie’s responses are likely to be confusing, as well as uninteresting in the actual impact and frustration with the audience. “

Whether to answer or not should being difficult is a different question. Push on major discussions on a variety of topics in entrance tents like the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars and many other Hollywood blockbusters have been doing for years now. It is a time when, perhaps, actors — or especially those with PR — should be aware that critics and journalists will need them to be able to answer questions about a representative, queen or otherwise, so that they are prepared to answer these questions. While the answer is as simple as “that’s not what I’m saying, but there has to be more exposure and media coverage on our site to show the people we live in”, it’s better than the kind of hot water Mackie found posted on the following topics on Twitter last night.

Talking about Star Wars, For example: The story of John Boyega and Oscar Isaac discussing the potential of their directors Finn and Poe Dameron to date. They all were assisting push, but did not dare to argue that their writings were fraudulent did having the right kind of guidance can come in handy (for them Out of Skywalker director JJ Abrams, who closed the possibility at the end of the movie, very frustrating).

Illustration of the Falcon story by The Winter Soldier & Lack of Queer Representation Is Anthony Mackie

Figure: Fun Studios

Yet even Mackie wasn’t ready to deal with the legitimate counter-criticism of both The eagle and Marvel’s excessive outburst — his anger-provoking anger sounds like unrelenting anger, especially considering how Various responds to Mackie’s response on social media, an idea that frustrated the player. The real question is not whether we watch the movies and videos to take action on the various perspectives on different perspectives, aspirants or not, but to direct those questions to the people who oversee what these studios are: writers, editors, and producers. Especially at venues like Marvel Studios, where top executives have the face of a crowd like Kevin Feige, the role of producers as leading filmmakers and shows is an idea that people already know.

After all, it’s not just people who need to make informed decisions about whether to portray an upright person as a queer, or to establish a moment between two characters with sex hormones. Mu The eaglein particular, it is the people who have a history of laughing at the opportunity to show off in the first place, which is why they are the people who need to be dealt with when the laughter is not just that. Malcolm Spellman, one of the show’s leading writers and now a co-author Mackie Captain America 4, he told reporters and fans alike to “just watch…” when asked about the ideas that Bucky Barnes can appear on Falcon is a Winter Soldier as men and women in communication with NME-For those spectators to be rewarded with nothing. Mentioned Kevin Feige, who also has a production history on The eagle as they do so much lighting The release of Marvel Studios, has a history of providing inadequate responses to “wait and see” the events of Marvel’s disappearance in various characters – such as running Revenge: Endgame when he said fans had it the right to see yourself in Marvel movies, just go back and say he he did not think it would be such a big job that fans might be upset about it Conclusion gave the MCU its first clear design as young cameo and director Joe Russo.

It will be obvious that, although it seems like years of promise of change is coming (first The relationship between the window and the kiss in the amazing video is supposed to come to Chloé Zhao Eternal later this year, with Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie she will be portrayed as a homosexual in Taika Waititi Thor: Love and Thunder Next year), the lack of fellow representatives is still a problem at Marvel Studios animations and animations. Fans have a right to be offended by the story as long as it goes on, and journalists need to get people in the studio to answer why their things go awry when they happen.

But people who need to Blame on this issue, and others like it, are not just people like Mackie-actors who can help this frustration and hope it will change. Instead, these problems need to be addressed by real people he can change. We are talking about the manufacturers of machines that have so far failed to bring in the forefront of popularity, at a studio like Disney, such as Spellman and Feige. Maybe especially in a studio like Disney, which has it a long history of struggle to present LGBTQIA + characters in front of its articles.

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