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AMC game consoles have begun accepting cryptocurrency payments for video tickets

AMC he announced back in August to begin accepting cryptocurrency at the end of the year. Now, the CEO of the company Adam Aron is revealed on Twitter that you can use your digital money to buy movie tickets. And, of course promise made in September, AMC not only accepted Bitcoin, but also Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin – online purchases, that is. Aron also said that theaters have also begun accepting payments from Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

Sounds like movie lovers are embracing a new payment system with two hands, as it seems to be 14 percent of what the company does online. Aron also said that AMC will add the next Dogecoin.

The AMC was on the verge of collapse due to the epidemic last year, but was slowly rescued by a commercial group on Reddit and Twitter that sent its shares. to climb about 2,300 percent. Aron accepted the company’s position as a meme stock and informed investors in the access phone earlier this month that AMC is looking to make its own cryptocurrency. AMC is planning to make the world of the NFTs, as well, and is in talks with Hollywood studios to create non-fungible brands related to major movies. In a phone call, Aron also said the actors were watching accept Shiba You tokens, but he is still announcing whether he can increase cryptocurrency payment options.

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