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Amazon has terminated the ‘Lord of the Rings’ game following a contract dispute


Some Amazon video games have met it fades quickly. The company has it revealed that Bloomberg that it deleted the file of Lord of the Rings game was growing with the help of Leyou from China. The company has just described the move as “ it has not been able to find a word ” in order to continue establishing its online reputation. However, sources say that when Tencent found Leyou it led to a coalition dispute that eventually killed the project.

The dismissal is a recent negative report for a company that did not perform well in game development. That banned Patuka in 2018 it needed to move forward, and it went down Mbiya after a negative response to a test. Another MMO, New World, you have met several delays and is not expected to be established until the end of August. While Amazon remains committed to its Game Studios game, it is clear that it did not deliver results immediately.

Not that Amazon is in a hurry. The online giant is writing more Lord of the Rings hoping on that Prime Video list. The game would have been worth the show, but there is no doubt that it would have made a lot of money. This is very frustrating for fans. Although it cannot be alone LotR online games, Amazon’s courage and a list of numbers could have made a huge difference.

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