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Against apartheid Israel, Palestinians won | Gaza

After the recent demise of apartheid by Israel, further questions have been raised, about the importance of resistance and whether the consequences of the war can be considered a victory for the Palestinian people. The same questions were asked in 2009, 2012, and 2014, when Israel launched a terrorist attack in Gaza, and even at the 2018 Great March of Return, when Palestinians marched around the Strip and were shot and killed by Israeli ambassadors.

Some of the “liberals” adopted the declaration, calling themselves “two sides of the conflict” – for example, colonialists and colonialists, and concluded that Palestinians should launch rockets from Gaza.

Once again, we were challenged by the same word “neutral” about the true meaning of rejection. They fail to see, for psychological reasons, that refusal, to put it bluntly, is not only able to stand up to a powerful military oppressor, but also to be able to resist against your country. They fail to comprehend human power, to us, “sumud” (immovable), or even to see it as real.

In other words, he acknowledges the story of Israel, where there are “two sides of the conflict” with a common military and cultural identity. He denies the fact that this is a project in favor of colonialism and apartheid that the Palestinian people are rejecting. They also ignore all of our “moral” weapons: that we are citizens of the country, that we have international laws that support our claims, that we have a moral code, and that we are highly supported by international government agencies, and so on.

Edward Said once said that an intellectual should be, “a person who cannot be easily elected by governments or corporations, and whose raison d’etre represents all people and things that are often forgotten or swept under the rug.”

The “liberal” word that has been used to denounce the “violence” of Palestine in the recent war against racist Israel is anti-intelligence. They refuse to see the Palestinians as potential partners for change now and in the future. They are unable to accept the Palestinian Authority because they refuse to respect the will of the people as reflected in the aid provided in various ways – in Gaza, the West Bank and in the territories that Israel occupied in 1948.

They no longer see the victory of Palestine in the fight against apartheid in Israel over recent developments. Along with Israeli Fascists, the rulers believe they have “won” because they killed many “terrorists”: 253 Palestinians, including 66 children, 39 women, and 17 elderly people.

However, nothing is known about the “plans” for the Israeli military in Gaza – the end of the rocket fire from Gaza and the destruction of the tunnels used by the militants and the seizure of any alliance between Jerusalem and Gaza – has been achieved. The rockets are still being launched and the opposition group has been strong enough to respond to a petition from Jerusalem of Sheikh Jarrah who is facing a genocide near Israel.

Like a frustrated Israeli pilot who blew up a bomb in Gaza, he said in an interview with Israel Channel 12: “We have failed to stop the rocket and have damaged the leadership of these groups, so we have destroyed the tower.”

But most importantly, Gaza 2021 disrupted the carefully and resolute myths that Israel has been promoting for many years: that it has the “best military force in the world; that its Iron Dome is invincible; and that Palestinians are the only” Arabs “without proper identification and may be devoted to this world after generations past.

It is clear that the “non-political” criticism of “both sides” is under the “magic” of these myths and that is why they see Palestinian rejection as “inappropriate violence” and “terrorism”. But as Brazilian philosopher Paul Freire wrote in his book The Pedagogy of the Oppressed:

“With the establishment of repressive relations, violence has already begun. Never before in human history have the oppression of the oppressed resounded. How could they be the instigators, if they could be violent? … There would be no oppression if there had been no violence before to establish their rights. Violence is perpetrated by oppressors, oppressors, those who fail to recognize others as human beings – not those who are oppressed, oppressed, and anonymous. ”

It is evident to all but the liberal Westerners and the Israeli elites who support the Palestinian withdrawal from protests in ancient Palestine and the successful invasion of Gaza.

The move ended the “long-term agreement” by making sure Palestinians would not give up on Jerusalem, putting another nail in the coffin, and bringing about the liberation and freedom of three Palestinian citizens and five million refugees back to the curriculum. all over the world. They also unveiled a new Palestinian resolution that opposes the exaggeration of the 1993 Oslo treaty.

The new recognition produced by the sumud and the Palestinian objection is well known and the rejection of the implications of apartheid in Israel on three Palestinian people, living in Gaza and the West Bank, Palestinians in Israeli settlements in 1948, and refugees living in camps and in other countries. Most importantly, this is to reject the crumbs that are offered as a moral reward to the Palestinian minority.

We were told to accept the horrific occupation of Israel – terrorist walls, territories, lighthouses, isolated roads, painted numbers, forced evictions and destruction of homes, “security alliances”, arrests, torture and imprisonment – or imprisoning us and throwing them into a bomb to death and forgotten.

But the response from Gaza, Jerusalem, Lydda, Haifa and the history of Palestine this spring was clear: Palestinians will not only be given the opportunity to live alone in the 1967 settlements, but we also see a paradigm shift from isolation, as represented by international responses. two – who want to establish a Palestinian Bantustan and deny the rights of millions to their country – to the total unity of Palestine.

True, the victory of Palestine was very cheap, but it was certain. The Palestinians overcame violent dental rule and the American-made Iron Dome for breaking their “Mental Dome”. Palestine after Gaza 2021 will not be like Palestine in the past. Palestinians are beginning to push their ideas away from the “path of peace” with a two-pronged approach and with their sumud, they have overthrew the proud Zionist regime in Palestine.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor of Al Jazeera.

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