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Adjust your pace with this $ 255 length adjustment


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Whether you work from home or return to the office slowly, sitting in front of a computer all day long numbers your spine. There are and which can help you deal with problems in your back, but a flexible desk gives you the freedom to stand up and walk while working, which ultimately improves your longevity.

The problem is that stand desks are also more expensive. If you are looking for a low-cost solution, the EC1 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk gives you the opportunity to switch between having a standing position depending on your comfort. Usually $ 299, is .

The table uses the same moving machine to move up and down based on what you type from the key. In less than 10 seconds, you can sit in a stable position to stand upright, without interrupting your work. This is ideal if you want to avoid sleeping during the day or burning extra fat while trying to cope with your computer.

The EC1 drops to a height of up to 28 inches, not including the desktop. At a great distance, the desk reaches 48.6 inches, the ideal height for most users. The EC1 drive car accelerates desktops at an inch per second, which is a quick way to quickly change locations without interrupting any objects such as computers, monitors or pockets mounted on top.

The keyboard is located at the mouth of the desk, removed so as not to interfere with your work but is transparent enough so that you have no problem finding it. Aside from the up-and-down functionality, the EC1 only has an office partner, which offers a solid one-inch desktop and also works 48 and 30 inches. You will have enough working space whether you are sitting or standing, and two metal tubing ensures that EC1 is stable at all times.

If you want to start choosing to sit or stand while working, see the EC1 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. You can , a 15% discount on its $ 299 price tag.

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