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A video game in which we want someone to give us a gift

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We always write about our favorite games in Engadget, and we also have “good game“lists for each console. But buying someone else’s games is a matter of personal choice. Unless you know what they want, where do you start?

Well, let’s start by thinking about what your loved one likes, outside of the game. Can they do something to help them relax every night? Do they like the good news, which affects them? Is it a stupid game? Maybe they like to love Greek gods? Well, the latter is questionable, but we hope there is something for everyone here.


Super Giant game

Why am I making a game that has won several awards in 2020? Because you can finally play on everything. In the summer, the game was introduced in both Xbox and Playstation generations, joining PC models and Switching.

Buy Hade on the PS5 or Xbox Series X, and you’ll find a format that can reach 60 mafps in 4K. No matter what platform you are playing, expect a game full of various enemies, games that are almost identical, and a Boon-based machine that adds weapons with added power, output and new moves.

Soon you will choose your divine companion (and the earthly weapon), but to get to the end of Hades requires you to have a combination of skills and many techniques, as Boons are randomly given any run. The game is based on death, learning and doing it over and over again. And again. And again. -Mat Smith, Director of the UK Council

Buy Hade (PS5) on Amazon – $ 35

Knight black

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

Team Cherry

If Silksong, following the Knight black, he had just arrived, I would probably have done that. As it stands, it is still a good time to find out the original release – the first one on PC – back in 2017. Thanks to its Metroidvania playstyle (check, discover new skills, use more research skills) and its aesthetic flaw. the paintings are visible, they remain high quality. To explore the world of the Hollow Knight, you need to think critically to explore dangerous areas and survive when you encounter giant bugs. The story is a bit connected to what you are looking for, and while things can be stressful – with a good game – there are a few funny moments and characters to meet.

Depending on your chosen console, it is downloaded several times. Now may be the time to find your favorite (but formerly) game, and improve your skills in a timely manner Silksong. – MS

Buy Hollow Knight (Change) on Amazon – $ 40

Stardew Valley

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

Complaining Ape

No game has brought me as much happiness and tranquility as last year Stardew Valley and, judging by the amount of streams on Twitch on the topic, I don’t think I’m alone. Cultivating sims were some of the games I loved playing as a child (Harvest Month: Wonderful Life has a special place in my heart) and Stardew Valley filled my space when I was an adult and gave me something fun, a toy that I could look up to a lot while the world was shaking. Preparing for the fall days in advance to get as many golden star pumpkins as I can brings me more joy than you can imagine, just as it is with collecting cheese and the happy eggs that cows and chickens produce. And the Sims The lover in me also finds joy in building my farm – sure, not as much as the farms I saw on Twitch or the Reddit thread, but it is my little part of heaven. – Valentina Palladino, Commerce Editor

Buy Stardew Valley in Amazon – $ 15

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

Insomniac / PlayStation Studios

If your specialty has the opportunity to own a PlayStation 5, they probably crave games that benefit the most from their new game – and fewer games perform better than Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. The entertainment from Insomniac not only looks gorgeous, with unique detail and 4K HDR visuals, but it uses PS5’s fast storage to deliver games that would not have been possible in previous games. You can switch between countries right away, reducing the time like the old thing.

And did I mention that I play fun games even without the impression of a one-time trip? You will enjoy an additional machine with many blast-em-up features, various locations and wall-mounted systems. This issue is compelling, too. The PS5 has a few limitations so far, however Rift Apart He is certainly one of them. Jon Fingas, Weekend Editor

Buy Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on Amazon – $ 70

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.


Disco Elysium and video games for board game lovers, RPG diehards and fans of gritty research stories alike, and since its release in October 2019, it has strengthened its position among the indie greats. Final Cutting is the definite version of Disco Elysium, with full wording (plural pronouns, dependence), new art and animation, and enhanced stories. It was released in October for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Switch, and recently hit PC, PlayStation 4, PS5 and Stadia, so this is a new but guaranteed release for the holidays. Final Cutting shows the first time the game has hit Switch, PlayStation or Xbox, so it’s a lot of fun for players on these platforms. – Jessica Conditt, Editor-in-Chief

Buy Disco Elysium – The Final Cut on – $ 40

Control Ultimate Edition

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

Help / 505

Control and another responsibility to make a good name, and Ultimate Edition eventually unlocking the game on modern games, Xbox Series X / S and PS5. Control: Ultimate Edition and a thrilling third spiritual person living in a mysterious government building filled with dangerous, murderous people. It is based in the studio Alan Wake Remedy Entertainment, and features fast-moving guns, telekinetic technology, and dangerous creatures. Also, Control: Ultimate Edition including the original game and its development, The Foundation and AWE. -JC

Buy Control Ultimate Edition at – $ 40

Effective Escape

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

Annapurna Interactive

Here’s a quirky artist, a dreamer or a great family singer – Effective Escape and the Australian studio Beethoven & Dinosaur. It is a beautiful, thoughtful, interactive melody with beautiful visuals, a great starting song, and a stellar voice that blends in with it. Jason Schwartzman, Lena Heady and Mark Strong. Effective Escape combines the ideas of Ziggy Stardust with Douglas Adams interviews and turns it all into a rich, fun-filled platform. Of course, anyone can love this game – as long as it plays on Steam or Xbox platform. -JC

Buy The Artful Escape on Steam – $ 20




PlayStation 5 players are the only PC – the rest will be so sad that they can’t play. Deathloop is a new song, from Dishonored house Arkane Studios, and it is professional shooter, retro-futuristic first person and time-consuming deadly machines. This is a game that will be in everyone’s mouth during the prize, and is one that senior players may not want to miss. -JC

Buy Deadloop on Steam – $ 60

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