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A Snapchat camera can ‘record’ clothes to help you shop


At the annual Partner Summit, Snap unveiled a number of changes that will change the way manufacturers and businesses use the service. These updates include a number of new purchasing features, such as an additional “experimental” add-on, as well as a new “gift” look for manufacturers.

When purchasing, Snap unveiled a number of tools that make it easier for users to purchase the app easily. A “scan” feature of Snapchat, which already allows the app’s camera to detect and , is finding new purchases. The “Screenshop” feature promotes clothing when you “scan” an outfit.

The company is also developing more and more features that allow users to “test” clothing, accessories and cosmetics. Snapchat has been experimenting with these features in the past, but the latest version allows users to customize the experience with voice and gestures. For example, you might ask to see something that is different in color or style.

Elsewhere in the app, Snapchat is adding two new “minis” – HTML5 apps that stay within the app – which will support new purchases. One, an ecommerce platform Poshmark, will enable users to browse and purchase items. Another, from Ticketmaster, allows groups of friends to find upcoming shows and buy tickets together.

Updates come as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and others are following the latest updates. But while Instagram and TikTok looked to add to the shopping experience so they could watch a video, Snap is looking at the grocery group. “We think ecommerce in particular is an exciting part for the minis, now and in the future,” Product Snap Product Director Will Wu told Engadget. “We are looking for new experiences that support new types of applications within Snapchat, which have never existed before.”

Snap also relies on innovation that enables high-end users to make money on their platform. So far, Snapchat’s money-making experiments have been around , a form like TikTok that pays users the most popular users. The show, launched last year, has attracted 125 million people and launched it .


But developers are also finding a new way to motivate their existing audience and make money from their followers on Snapchat with “gifts.” This feature allows users to purchase Snap Stars stickers. Manufacturers get a share of the sales revenue and the user is able to initiate a conversation with Snap Star.

Snapchat is also launching a new app for its creators and Studio Studio, a stand-alone app that provides advanced streaming tools, as well as analytics on the platform.

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