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A Safe Way to Save and Share Your Nudes

In either case, remember the first rule: You must always refuse. Don’t just take or share photos at first, but whatever comes next. If you do not want a friend to share your photos, post them online, or store them in an unsafe place, or if you want them to delete photos at any time, you should ask. If someone tries to seduce you, they are not respecting your authority and may not be a good person to share your secrets with.

Exit or Hide Note (with Data)

It is entirely possible, even with a friend you trust, to get your photos out. Your phone or friend’s phone may be stolen, an abandoned glass app may be left open, or a former trusted person may break the dependency. Whatever the case, one way to reduce the risk of injury is to ensure that the photos you take do not contain as little information as possible.

This may include taking pictures to cut the face or the recognizable parts of the back. If you cut your face but have a wall painting that your family knows is yours, you can get the picture. Getting rid of tattoos or abstinence is a good idea (your phone usually has tools you can use to take pictures), and remember that place of personal tattoos can be used to get to know you.

Also, don’t forget to delete known data. If your phone’s camera only enhances the location of your photos, take it away. The images also come with a ton of integrated embedded so-called EXIF ​​data. Capture this from your photos before sharing it will help ensure that no one else can know the time, place, and photo.

Remove cloud backup storage, and keep photos private

Once you take the pictures, you will need to put tabs where they end. This can be a little tricky if your phone supports them on your devices, tablet, and cloud before taking them. To avoid this, you have two options: either turn off cloud backup or use another software that doesn’t take pictures. For example, when Snapchat has them its cloud storage form, taking pictures with Snapchat is not just going back to Google Photos. So you can take normal photos with your regular camera app, but take some great photos using Snapchat and save them locally on your phone.

This is where things like Google’s Locked Folder or Apple Hidden Albums come in handy. Google version does save a copy of everything in the Lock Folder on your phone, which prevents them from appearing accidentally elsewhere. Although Apple will still allow iCloud to transfer files on the hidden disk, those files are hidden on all connected devices.

If your phone or device has nothing to hide, you can save it yourself. A password-protected folder on your device or external storage such as an SD card or USB drive can be a great place to store photos after editing and sharing them.

Use Social Security Software (Read: Not Facebook) to Send Photos

When your nudes leave your phone, they are no longer in your hands who see them. Any server that is temporarily stored (or permanently) can be a place where images can be stolen or stolen. One of the best ways to avoid this is to use hidden software The sign or You buy it.

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