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FBI Leader Compares Threatening Compensation to 9/11

The ransom was revealed Everybody’s thoughts this week as the world’s largest meat company, JBS SA, faced a conspiracy that hampered its operations in Australia and North America. The company was able to resume operations in just a few days, but this also confirmed the serious threat of a global chain of software and construction programs.

Researchers are continuing to research Apple’s recently released M1, and are finding all sorts of fun systems and power. And when it comes to electoral security, Microsoft has taken a big step this week and announced the vendor of the voting machine Hart InterCivic includes the company’s open ElectionGuard software in his existing weapons. Hart’s first goal is to make the pilot a real “guaranteed choice” for ElectionGuard.

Dipo is a real shooter right now, but take a few minutes this weekend to change chain attack. It is another well-known (and very clever) type of scam that has been repeated many times in the sun, from NotPetya to SolarWinds, and will rise again.

But wait, there is more! Every week we encourage all security issues WIRED does not explain in detail. Click on the headlines to read all the articles, and stay safe out there.

In the aftermath of a series of terrorist threats that disrupted essential operations in the U.S., the Justice department said this week that it was launching a rescue investigation at a level similar to terrorist interrogation. The issue was first reported by Reuters. “It’s a great way to make sure we follow all the redress cases no matter where they are sent to this country, so that you can connect with the actors and get ready to break the chain,” said John Carlin, an assistant attorney general.

Meanwhile, FBI director Christopher Wray he was told Wall Street Journal that the agency is currently pursuing several types of redemptions. Many tribes are linked to terrorists in Russia. Wray said the risks and hardships posed by redemption were similar to the threats that took place on September 11, 2001. “There are many similarities, there are many that are important, and we focus on disruption and prevention,” Wray said. “All government offices and government agencies even in the United States.”

White House too he issued a warning for businesses this week from Anne Neuberger, vice president and vice president of national security on cyber security and emerging. This strange letter explained a lot, good practices, and tools to protect themselves from eagles and to respond when they occur.

In January, WhatsApp also changed its usage and privacy policy, especially in revealing new information about its businesses. But the changes brought serious problems, for they unwittingly tracked the program age plan yes sharing personal information, such as phone numbers, with the parent company Facebook. WhatsApp seems to have the toothpaste already out of the tube by sharing this, but the company has changed the deadline for users to accept the rule from February to May. If you didn’t agree later, the software was is planning to go into a temporary state until it eventually becomes unused.

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