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6 Best USB Hubs and Docks (2022): USB-C, USB-A, Portable

Not your laptop it has enough ports — especially if the Macbook Air has this guide written on it. This forces you to pack several dongles so you can connect everything. Fortunately, there is a better way. USB ports can increase the volume and type of available ports, and USB ports allow you to switch laptops into a single plug-in. After testing several USB ports and docks, these are the best we have found for various needs.

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Looking for a Hub or Port?

There is a gray area between USB and docks, because they do (mostly) the same thing: add ports and connectors to your computer. However, there are slight differences and it is important to understand before buying.

USB devices and small, low-cost dongles that can add additional USB ports, SD card reader, output, or headset. This usually does not provide additional power, which means you will not be able to charge the connected devices. They are carrying enough to throw in the pocket of your laptop that you can use at home and on the go.

USB ports they are usually larger, more expensive, and are designed to spend more time on your desk. They often come with their own electricity, in order to charge other equipment, and have a number of monitoring and Ethernet connections. If you use your laptop frequently on the desk, the port can allow you to quickly connect to the keyboard, mouse, flashlight, and any other plug you need at the same time.

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