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4 Best Electric Scooters (2022): Cheap, Long, Fast

We try to test electric scooters for two or three months, more often than not. Not all are successful. This is what you can find below – our favorite e-scooters but not as the one we chose above. They all have one thing (or more) that prevents them from getting the top spot.

Apollo Air Pro for $ 699: Apollo Air Pro costs $ 799 but always sells for $ 699, so make sure you pay no more than that. For a while, I split my time between the Air Pro and the Segway F30 — I finished the last draw. True, Apollo goes faster than Segway, but they all took me about 10 miles on the same price. Segway just felt so refined and reliable. I say this because my time with Apollo was shortened when the front wheel was flat. The company sent me a replacement tube, but the harnesses were so strong on the wheel that the work was almost impossible. Then I took it to the store.

Levy Plus for $ 749: A fellow WIRED reviewer, Adrienne So, tested the model of Levy Plus in 2020 i love its flexible batteries and reliable disk brakes but found the whole thing “very slow in the mountains.” It rides up to 18 mph and voted. 5 to 10 percent follow, so it is ideal for flat roads. It is one of the lightest e-scooters out there, weighing only 30 pounds.

Unagi Model One for $ 990: Unagi exclusively offers you two options for owning your e-scooter: You can purchase it for a full $ 990 or sign up for $ 49 a month. His notes have been slightly modified since the last review, but good news — the company was recently established Model Eleven on Indiegogo, which is expected to be shipped in June. We will be testing that time, which is why we are proposing to abandon the Model One.

EcoReco L5 + for $ 849: This is the first electric scooter I first tried. It’s getting a little old, but it’s still a strong lift. The suspension makes for a smooth ride, a long stem means easy-to-reach operations, and a large foot step allows me to place my two-meter-13 feet side by side. You can fold it down, but at 38 pounds it is not as easy to carry as we have chosen the top two. It can travel a little over 22 mph and it took me around 16 miles on the same price. My main concern is that EcoReco does not seem to have been active in its operations for the past year (and did not respond to my emails).

Yadea KS5 Pro for $ 800: At first I liked Yadea KS5 Pro. It has a top speed of 22 mph due to the 500-watt motor. It weighs 46 pounds, which is heavy, but not nearly all other types like Apollo Ghost. Unfortunately, corporate claims are very wrong. This took me about 10 or 12 miles on payment, no 37. The app experience too very clunky – the firmware refused to be updated – and after a while, I encountered a problem where sometimes the engine pushes and stops on the power. No.

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