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100 Prequel Spinoff Removed from CW


The promotional images of The CW’s The 100 featuring the best-known players in the first season as the bodies fall behind them.

Figure: CW price

Remember The 100 on The CW? It was the best show in his game, starting as a story for 100 young people. from the air sent under Earth to see if it was accommodation again after the nuclear apocalypse. And then the last season it happened, and the show was able to stop the railroad and make the idea of ​​the future army boring and boring nonsense. This did not deter him from trying to establish a spinoff, which is now receiving an ax.

TV Line He also mentioned last night as a spinoff, which should be mentioned 100: Second Morning, is not progressing at CW. It was designed to be the starting point for how human remnants survived the global apocalypse that The 100 appropriate, they include the Grounders who also have their own language, as well as a religious group that has discovered foreign objects that provide intermediate travel. (Yes, the show was wonderful, and most of this is after the great demonstration against AI and extinct solar systems around the world.)

Since the launch of the show, which was first aired in July 2020, Mark Pedowitz, an online director, has been playing the role of the show. In May, he also said that “negotiations are still going on,” but it seems that the talks have stopped. It would seem that the show will be purchased on other networks.

According to The 100 showrunner Jason Rothberg, program Early morning was to include flashbacks live pre-apocalypse similar to Lost, along with the process of getting the characters on the air. It would be a way to establish families a 100s Directors Clarke Griffin, Raven Reyes, and Bellamy Blake, in his eyes. “I had a plan to take us there to meet the parents,” she told TV Line. If we take the opportunity to tell this story, we will meet Blake’s grandfather. Much to that.

Goodbye, The 100. Again, you are dead as you were: enduring wonderfully, but in vain.

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