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Zuck Wants Fourth Of July In The Most Cursed Way


Gift: Mark Zuckerberg (Instagram) / Gizmodo

I saw this, so now you have to see it again. I know it looks like one of these deep movies, but I swear to you: It is true.

While some people were burning hot dogs or watching firefighters on Sunday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to celebrate Thursday July by surfing the internet with video about himself swimming with an American flag like “Take Me Home, National Roads” by John Denver playing in the background. Why? Because AMERICA.

This absolutely acclaimed video is new to a few of PR’s most iconic characters from Ol ‘Zuck, who last month shared video shooting arrows on bowling pins throwing spears on wooden bullets (slow-moving, to understand how cool they are)

Meanwhile, the billionaire appears to have been more cautious about using sunscreen. On the contrary the worst picture which started last year after being caught with solar panels while on a journey to e-foiling. He later said he was trying Cheat paparazzi put him with the whole SPF, because turning the white shadow makes him unrecognizable (when he was found, he was wrong).

“Happy July 4th!” Zuckerberg posted on the video list on Instagram.

Television responses can be summed up in the words: Why?

“I wish he could have raised John Denver to just file a case against Mark Zuckerberg,” he wrote. a Twitter user.

“Someone told Mark Zuckerberg to do strange things on July 4,” wrote another. These were my first thoughts as well: How can a person appear though more like a robot on video than it does on graphics?

I hope you all can still enjoy the fourth week of July when you see this. For me, this movie is not for rent in my head any longer than it should be.


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