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YouTube will open a $ 100 million paid Shorts they make

YouTube has announced a $ 100 million pay for video submissions for its TikTok competition, In short. The money will be implemented in the coming months and the money will be distributed to the creators next year or so.

This is “the first step in our journey to create a long-term strategy for making short money on YouTube,” Amy Singer, director of the global partnership assistment for YouTube Shorts, wrote in a blog. “This is very important to us, and it will take time for us to get a better look. We are working hard on this, and will take the ideas gathered in our community to help launch a long-term program for YouTube Shorts.”

Anyone who makes shorts can participate in the fund, not just those who subscribe to the YouTube Partner program. As long as you follow the local guidelines and make the first ones, you will be eligible. YouTube “will reach thousands of creators who have received a lot of attention from their Shirts to reward them for their contributions.”

Shorts have been available for manufacturers in the US since March (and before that in India). Anyone can watch the video, and shorts are already collecting more than 6.5 billion views every day, Chief Alphabet Sundar Photosi He said last month. YouTube may be using the bag to lure top producers from TikTok and Snapchat.

The forum will add to the selection by allowing creators to extract audio from other YouTube videos in their shorts. This feature sounds similar to TikTok Duets, but users will be able to find more videos on YouTube. The Shorts team has been working on adding explicit sentences, being able to record up to 60 seconds of video via the Shorts camera, color filter filters and a way to add clips to your phone’s photos.

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