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YouTube (in particular) is abandoning its original ambitions

YouTube also helps away from the original designs. Business CEO Robert Kyncl has revealed that YouTube is reducing its Startup program. From now on, this section will only provide support for its Black Voices and YouTube Kids Funds. The company respects the dynamics of the exhibitions that are taking place, but do not expect new inventions.

The company is making this change due to the combination of processes and massive departures. YouTube believes it can have a “huge impact” on producers and money Shorts, a Black Voices Fund and Live Shopping. Meanwhile, the global leader of Originals Susanne Daniels is leaving YouTube on March 1. Now it was probably a great opportunity to reconsider the program, in other words.

The change is not surprising. YouTube initially had a passion for paid paid services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix with shows like Cobra Kayi. Although it did well, it did not pose a significant risk and eventually made the Beginners a free one. This new approach allows YouTube to support more producers while giving them a better chance of competing with them TikTok, Instagram and other short film competitors.

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