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YouTube hides unwanted readings on all videos

YouTube is try to hide what they do not like obviously it was great. Service is making changes that can make it less confusing on YouTube videos. The button will still be there (and touch your mind), and the manufacturers can still see the count – you won’t see the numbers as viewers.

The Google brand is aware that some people have used the statistics to make visual choices, but they feel that secrets can help the whole community. Newer and younger producers are often just being targeted by unpopular campaigns, YouTube said, and the tests have reduced the harassment. This move will create a “cohesive and dignified” environment where all filmmakers have the opportunity to succeed and be safe.

There is no guarantee that this benefit will reach every user, or that it will not encourage abusers to find alternatives. Nor is it a secret that YouTube has its own preferences as a non-violent person – just ask Rewind 2018 team. Likewise, this can be ‘random’ frustration on the unpredictable button, not to mention brigading from groups hoping to suppress movies that conflict with their ideology.

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