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You Need to Test Some Water. All you have is a piece of paper

Suppose you you have to measure the amount of water, and you want to make a scale to do it. But you are in a house full of strange things. There are no advanced scientific tools. What would you do with a simple household item?

I think this is possible, and I’ll try to do it — with paper.

All right, but what? This started with my work as a professional mentor at a CBS show MacGyver. My job was to monitor how scientists work on various hacks and sometimes make me ways that MacGyver can come out in difficult places. One of MacGyver’s favorite things to use was a piece of paper — so I thought I’d see a lot of things I could make from it.

In the meantime, I’ve developed cooling tools for paper use.

It’s fun to make complex things from scratch – with the MacGyver approach.

Now on a scale. This may seem like an easy task, but there will be a lot of drawing involved so this may be appropriate for following a blog instead of a video. Let’s do it.

Remember, the goal here is to measure the amount of water. Since we are here on earth, there is a constant link between weight and weight – which is why we can measure the weight of water. What is the difference between mass and weight? Here are all my thoughts, but the short answer is that the mass and quantity of matter (protons, neutrons, electrons) is a matter of mass and gravity used on the object by the Earth.

So, how do you measure weight? It turns out that many of our measurement tools are distance measuring. (I’ll be right-SeeIn this case, we can determine the weight (i.e., weight) of an object by measuring the curvature of the paper, or its curvature. If you straighten a piece of paper into a long wire, when you push one side, it twists. However, when folded to form on paper, it is more difficult to fold. This is very similar to the force required to stretch the spring, which is much more difficult to twist than straight wire. However, the right spring, the wide distance is the same as the stretching force, and it may not be true with cutting paper.

So the idea is that if we stick to our paper, we can turn it into a support arm that can help us measure our water.

Let’s build this thing. Here’s what I have.

Photo: Rhett Allain

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