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You can save PS5 games on USB drive


Sony is about to release the file PlayStation 5’s the first modification of the system since its inception, and it’s good news if you need space on a built-in SSD. Change to get out on April 14th adds a number of welcome features, most notably the ability to store PS5 games on a USB drive. You can’t play it on the go as much as you can for PS4 roles, unfortunately (Sony says USB drivers don’t just run), but it has to run faster to restore the game than you can download or find your game disk.

No word on the PS5 upgrade for the M.2 SSD will be available.

These changes make it easier to play with your friends who have a PS4 by giving them a share to share. The PS4 player can view your PS5 app or test the title, for example. On top of that, other integrated game modes will appear on PS4 and PS5.

Any changes? Game Base now offers a quick way to switch between Friends and Party, and you can turn off notifications for any party you belong to. You can quickly stop chatting or lower the voice of each individual player. Game modes can download to save you waiting for them to be available. You can hide games in your library and search for specific titles. You can change the view of the screen, and the competition changes give you a better view of your stats and the opportunity to choose what you will take to get harder prizes.

The program of PlayStation softwareIn the meantime, just a few weeks after receiving the updates that give you access to several versions of the PS5, compare the trophies with the PlayStation Store titles.

This change will not eliminate any user complaints, especially those that are already available to remove games from the SSD. You still have to do this for a while. Sony still has some problems, however, the USB drive option gives you a way to save the game once you’re done with it.


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