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Year in words: Hypersonic

(mind) to describe the type of weapon or aircraft that flies above Mach 5 – or five times the speed of noise

China surprised the Pentagon with a US intelligence team in July shooting hypersonic weapon around the world, in an experiment that claimed that Chinese troops could launch nuclear weapons anywhere in the US.

The People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force was formed hypersonic glide car – as a small space trail – entering the trail on a Long March rocket. HGV then circled the earth for some time before returning to the atmosphere. As it flew to China on March 5, it fired a shotgun at the South China Sea, revealing a remarkable potential for overcoming scientific obstacles in ways that astonished military scientists.

Shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday, one media group described the experiment with three weapons, previously mentioned by FT, as turducken – a diet that involves placing a chicken in a duck that it has carried in Turkey.

Historically, General Mark Milley, chairman of the United States United States, said the event was close to “Sputnik moment”, referring to the Soviet Union, which launched the space shuttle in 1957.

The Pentagon did not comment on the accuracy of the tests, which were generally reported. But it was a wonderful reminder of how quickly the Chinese military is changing. And it came as the Pentagon did project preparation that China will increase its nuclear weapons by 2030.

The test sparked widespread interest around the world. But just before the end of the year before the end of the year, the US said 12 Chinese research institutes on the black list in an attempt to create “brain” weapons that make hypersonic weapons sound like an innocent gift that you put in Christmas carols.

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