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Wolf Price is a World Wide Web

Burning the skin, I went back to the shade and searched for the sting of wasps. I have to show my girls how to make a baking soda. I used to lean against an old tree to care for a piece of seedlings through a mycorrhizal net, the needles of young that tremble in the air during the day.

The old trees were the women of the forest.

The hubs were Mothers of Prices.

All right, ma’am and father trees, since each Douglas tree contains male and female mice.

But… sounded like a mother to me. It is the elders who oversee the youth. Yes, that’s right. Mothers of Prices. Tree women connect the forests.

This Mother Tree was the centerpiece where the sticks and seedlings were built around, with threads of various types of fungi, of different colors and weights, intertwined, layer, in a strong, hard web. I pulled out a pen and a pen. I made a map: Mother Trees, small trees, seedlings. Lines are drawn between them. From my photographs there were network-like structures, like neurons in our brain, with some nodes more connected than others.

Clean smoking.

If mycorrhizal networks have a neural structure, the molecules that move between trees are like neurotransmitters. The signals between these trees can be as large as the electrical energy-based signals found between neurons, which help the brain think and connect. Is it possible that these trees recognize your peers as much as we think and feel? In addition, does the connection between the trees affect what they share as two people interact? Can trees recognize as quickly as we can?

Similarly mycorrhizal network really be online? Obviously, color networks and molecules that transmit from point to point through links can be similar. What about the presence of synapse; is it not really necessary to sign in to the neural network?

Can information be transmitted at synapses in the mycorrhizal network, as it does with our brain? Amino acids, water, hormones, antibodies, allelochemicals (poisons), and other metabolites had already been identified to cross the link between fungal and plant membranes. Any molecules that come through mycorrhizal networks from one tree can also be transmitted through the synapse.

Drugs are released into these synapses, and the information must be transmitted to the electrical circuit from the fungal material to the root of the fungal roots, which is similar to the nervous system. The same processes, it seems to me, occur in the fungal mycorrhizal network like our neural networks. Giving us the inner light when we solve a problem or make an important decision or reconcile our relationship. It is also possible for both parties to communicate, to communicate, and to cooperate.

It was previously accepted that plants use their body-like structure to identify their location. Its leaves, stems, and roots recognize and recognize where they are, and then they change their body – size, their ability to find food, the amount of photosynthetic, and the closure of the stomata to save water. The fungus hyphae, too, recognize their location and change their structure and their bodies. As parents and children, my daughters and I, Don, and I are constantly making changes, connecting to learn new things, and thinking about how we can cope. I would be home tonight. Mothers.

A Latin verb to understand it means to understand or discern. Intelligent.

Mycorrhizal networks may have an intelligent signature. Among the forest-dwelling groups in the forest were Mother Trees, who were very important to small trees as I live the life of Hannah and Nava.

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