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With initial approval, Tajikistan acknowledges casualties in recent wars | Kyrgyzstan News


Tajikistan does not say how many people died in the civil war, while Kyrgyzstan raised 36 people.

Tajikistan on Monday said border clashes last week with Kyrgyzstan left several dead after its first confession to Tajik assassination.

Clashes between the two Central Asian countries began last Thursday and left scores of people dead and thousands displaced, but a firefight that took place the same day halted the fighting on Monday.

The Tajikistan Prosecutor’s Office, the legitimate government that has been silent since the fighting, has opened a case against Kyrgyzstan’s military and armed groups.

He also said that 200 Kyrgyz soldiers and civilians, who had begun throwing stones, had intensified the violence, which led to an exchange of guns.

“As a result of the bombing, several people were killed and many more were injured, and many homes, landmarks, sites, and infrastructure were destroyed,” the report said, not to mention the figures.

Conflicts between landfills and water along long-term shores occur more frequently, while border patrols often play a role.

But the violence that began Thursday in Batken Territory was the worst in the 30 years of the former Soviet Union’s independence and added to the growing fear.

Kyrgyzstan announced Monday the death of a four-year-old boy in a battle that left 36 wounded and 183 wounded.

Russia, which maintains the country’s military bases, and neighboring Uzbekistan said it was ready to intervene.


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