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Wirecard was not happy with the ‘special aid’, says Merkel


Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, has defended her appeal Cord in China in 2019, stating that “there is no reason to think” at the time there were serious flaws in the fraudulent payment company.

Merkel speaks with a Bundestag inquiry investigates how German politicians and economists failed to identify one of the most deceptive in German post-war history. Merkel’s testimony is the culmination of a six-month investigation.

In his opening remarks, he said his government is constantly striving to ensure that the financial resources of German companies abroad and Wirecard are not. But he denied that Wirecard enjoyed “special assistance” on the trip to China. “The fact that [it] what was said in China was clear, “he said.

“While there were all the media reports there was no reason at the time to think that there were serious flaws in the Wirecard,” he said. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through wiretapping. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

But critics say given the number of critical reports in 2019, the chancellor has to flee Wirecard. Merkel “did not cover herself with glory,” says Danyal Bayaz of Greens. “He promoted the interests of another company in China.”

During Merkel’s visit to China, Wirecard was attempting to enter China by acquiring a Chinese company that paid AllScore Financial. To ratify the agreement requires the approval of China’s People’s Bank, China’s regulators. Merkel inquired about the matter with Chinese speakers during her visit.

He also said that Wirecard’s desire to enter the Chinese market “is in line with” Berlin’s approach to trying to open up China’s trading space.

Wirecard announced last June that € 1.9bn was missing from its books and soon collapsed. Critics in Munich are criticizing their former boss, Markus Braun, for having terrorists who committed “fraudulent billions”. Braun, who has been in police custody since last summer, denies any wrongdoing.

Merkel said the Wirecard story was a “slap in the face of hundreds and thousands of honest business people” in Germany.

He was speaking to MP MPs a day after Finance Minister Olaf Scholz appeared before asking. He was highlighted primarily for his position of chief financial officer BaFin, who was criticized for failing to prosecute the Wirecard and following up with FT reporters and temporary vendors who disclosed wrongdoing in the company’s audit on his behalf.

Asked by Merkel, lawmakers looked at a meeting she held with her former defense minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, now chairman of the technology company Spitzberg Partners, on September 3 2019, just days before China’s departure. Guttenberg, who was advising Wirecard at the time, found an acquisition for AllScore Financial and asked the chancellor to help him.

Merkel said she did not recall that Wirecard was mentioned at the meeting. He also said he had referred the matter to experts in the finance office, under the guidance of their chief adviser, Lars-Hendrik Röller.

Merkel defended her idea of ​​meeting Guttenberg, saying she had accepted requests for their talks from former government ministers as “obvious”.

But when questioned, he expressed frustration at the discussion, saying “I’m not really grateful” while his co-workers talk to him “in making requests”.

“We want stricter, more transparent laws to prevent future problems when chancellors will be recruited to attract people,” said Bayaz, MP for Green.

Röller was also quoted in an email in which lawyers said he indicated that his wife had tried to set up Wirecard businesses in China. Merkel said she had no reason to doubt Röller’s “loyalty and loyalty”.


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