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Windows 11 Loss: As Windows 10 integrates with MacOS

After arguing with (now popular) Windows 11 coming out for a few hours, I came to an amazing conclusion: It sounds like MacOS. Now listen to me: Windows 11, especially the first page we are looking at, is actually a modified version of Windows 10. It has some of the things we look forward to seeing Windows 10X, but now that I’m experiencing it, I find the Mac vibes harder.

The most obvious difference is the new Taskbar. It works just as it has been since Windows 95, with the Start menu button, the operating system and your shortcut selection. But with all the pictures now – I can’t find any options for displaying Window scripts in Taskbar. That’s what Microsoft has been trying to push for years, but as a Windows user, I always refuse. I have chosen to know what the program or window is stored before clicking on the Taskbar icon.

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After a few hours I got used to the installation of Windows 11. In fact, it only compels you to change Windows 7, 8 and 10 to perform the taskbar. As before, getting closer to the top of the app screen shows you open windows. The clear interface makes everything look like a MacOS port, which is always focused on the app’s graphics. I’m a little different, but combining and removing taskbar characters completely, helps keep the look clean.

If you are a Windows user, don’t worry, you can push Taskbar to the left of the screen. Personally, however, I am digging for a consistent path. It shows the screen if you have a few open apps, and I find it easy to hit program shortcuts without dragging my mouse down to the bottom left of the window.

The release of Windows 11 also features a modified Start menu, which can be controversial. In a nutshell, it shows you short program options, as well as ideas. You need to hit the “All Apps” button to see the entire menu first. There are options for displaying your most recently updated and widely used apps, but those that look like Windows 10 keepers, don’t change anything on the new updates.

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