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Will It erupt or will it erupt?

Last December, a volcanic eruptions began to erupt at the summit of La Soufrière, a volcanic eruption in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. Vincent. The discharge was late at first; no one was threatened. Then, in late March and early April, the lava began to emit massive magma waves. Dangerous soils emerge from their bursts.

Fearing that a magical bomb was about to explode, scientists sounded the alarm, and the government ordered everyone to leave the northern part of the island on April 8. The next day, volcanic eruptions erupted. The dismissal came at the right time: At the time of writing, no one was lost.

At the same time, something very similar but very different was happening at the Arctic border.

Severe earthquakes have been rocking the bottom of the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland since late 2019, meaning the earth is opening up, creating an opportunity for magma to rise. In early 2021, a small underground magma snake circling the island, looking for an escape route, the ground began to change. Then, in mid-March, the first eruption of several volcanic eruptions around the world was expected by scientists, pouring lava into the uninhabited valley called Geldingadalur.

At this point, the villagers immediately rushed to the explosion, taking pictures and asking for selfies a real stone to throw the lava. The concert took place there, with people viewing the barracks as stadium chairs.

In all these cases, scientists are not simply saying that a new explosion is on the way. He also mentions two very different types of explosions that can explode. And while the “timing” of the equation is not easy to predict, finding the “how” part is especially difficult, especially when a bomb explodes in La Soufrière. “It’s difficult, and he nailed them, he nailed them absolutely,” he said Diana Roma, a volcanologist at the Carnegie Institution for Science.

Explosives experts have developed a comprehensive understanding of the conditions that can cause an eruption. The presence or presence of groundwater, for example, such as gassiness and the disappearance of magma itself. And in a number of recent studies, researchers have demonstrated how to calculate hidden signals — from wave waves to satellite illumination — in order to predict what the explosion will be like: and cry or cry.

Something Evil Has Come

Like tall buildings or cathedrals, the structure of the Earth’s volcanoes varies widely. You can have high and sloping mountains, volcanic and sloping mountains, and open mountains. Sometimes there may be no lava at all, but the chains of tiny tiny particles have ruined the earth like nails.

The eruption from the Geldingadalur mountain range has been robust and unpredictable.

Photo: Anton Brink / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Weather forecasting raises many questions. The most important of these is: When? At its core, this question is similar to the question of whether a magma from the ground would pass through a tunnel (the pipe between the magma and the opening at the top) and pass, like volcanic ash and ashes, like exploding glass and bombs.

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