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Why HDMI 2.1a Why Beware?

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HDMI Licensing Administrator has announced the latest upgrades to HDMI 2.1, accordingly called HDMI 2.1a, which is designed to enhance the beauty of the image when you see objects of different colors.

I know, I know: HDMI 2.1 and already kind of confusing. Then why is there numbers and letters for more information? Don’t worry, though, we won’t go deep into the technical grass here. Let us explain what this means and how it can enhance your image.

What is HDMI 2.1a?

In short, it is the latest version of HDMI 2.1 based around something called source-based tone mapping.

What are source maps?

Great question! First, let’s explain the tone map. This is a method used to create images where digital signals are compared to the correct light and color of the TV. This way, you can take a highly customizable image and display it on the screen with minimal changes while saving information, contrast, and colors.

With HDMI 2.1, part of the HDRM map can be processed with a source device, such as a top box, PC, or console, as well as maps that take place on display.

And why is it important?

A the source is able to send a video signal to the display that takes advantage of the screen’s HDR.

When viewing HDR videos and photos, the viewer often creates a map to match the content of the content. In some cases, however, some have different HDR components. There may be an HDR object, an SDR image (standard dynamic range), and original images. This often happens when you are in a photo-gallery.

In most cases, in these cases, static light and color variations are guaranteed to reflect. With multi-source mapping, the source is able to customize the display by sending a video signal embellished with HDR capabilities to the band.

Give me an example.

Sure thing. That is why you can open the promotional program and view video displays that support HDR and others in SDR. The same page can also contain original images. With HDMI 2.1, your connecting device can send your TV signal that makes its maximum performance possible. The HDMI Forum states that HDMI 2.1a is also designed for PCs and console game consoles, and that it can enhance the graphics of most windows when you have a video playing on one side and recording on the other.

I still do not understand.

I do not blame you. Let me turn to the HDMI Licensing Administrator page, which describes HDMI 2.1a as follows:

“SBTM is especially useful when HDR and SDR video or images are merged into a single image, such as a picture-by-picture or program controller with an integrated video window. aimed at maximizing the use of HDR display capabilities without manual adjustment of the Device. ”

Should my source and all displays support HDMI 2.1a?

Yes, unfortunately they do. The HDMI Forum says most TVs can get the interface through firmware upgrades, but the push is on the device makers.

When will I see HDMI 2.1a support devices?

That is why the HDMI Forum says it will continue to “refine and release” the HDMI 2.1a version in 2022 and is looking for the release of Q1. We need to learn more about spec in the coming weeks.

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